Younha, Releasing Japanese Single In Korea


Singer Younha will soon be releasing her 9th Japanese single “Girl” on the upcoming 21st. Although her single is in Japanese, Younha’s new single will be released in Korea on the exact same day as the Japanese release.

This is the first ever since her debut for Younha to have a double release in two different countries. The single includes two songs, which Younha wrote the lyrics to, and one song that she composed.

The new single “Girl” will have a sound with a new sense and upcoming trend. Combining this new sound and Younha’s fresh voice, the song just might be a hit. Also the song “The Words I Couldn’t Say (Okurisobireta Kotoba)” will come to us with a ballad melody and new arrangements from it’s first introduction to the Korean entertainment as Younha’s 3rd Album Part A’s “As I Loved”. A well-known producer in Japan, Jin, has participated in the making of this single, which brings even more of anticipation.

Looks like this one single will sure be a treat for Jpop and Kpop fans alike. Now let’s just wait to see if this song will be as addicting as one says.

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