[POLL] Best Female Dancer of K-Pop

Lesson learned! I read everyone's comments and realized how difficult of a decision it was to choose one out of 10+ amazing dancers, and I do apologize for the oversight. It's kind of a catch-22 situation: to eliminate anyone was nearly impossible because they're all great dancers that each deserve recognition.

But even with that said, I still have to resort to the original plan, as changing it now would simply be unfair. So again, you will see a long list of 10+ amazing dancers (female this time). Be it a popularity contest or a real-skills assessment, I just hope that everyone can enjoy the clips, admire the idols they already love, and learn about the ones they don't know much about. It's all about the love for K-Pop in the end!

Now, presenting female dance idols of K-Pop:

Lee Hyori
Although she is already in her 30's, Hyori is Korea's Fairy. Her sexiness hasn't worn off a bit over the years, as she is still seen in CFs, magazines, variety shows... everywhere. She was never much of an actress, which she admitted herself, but her dances have made her a symbol in the K-Pop world.

BoA Kwon
Currently promoting her English album in the States, BoA is the idol for many common folks like us as well as celebrities. Come to think of it, having been discovered by SM about 10 years ago, she is only 22 years old yet she has already accomplished so much! Her dances are copied all over Asia, in concerts, instruction videos, and on variety shows.

Chae Yeon

Chae Yeon's dances tend to be a little slutty, and for that reason or another, a lot of people don't like her. But regardless, she is still one of the well known female dancers in K-Pop.

Jeon Hye Bin

Jeon Hye Bin has been criticized, as well, for being overtly sexual in her dances. Between her and Chae Yeon, I wonder who people like better?

Park Jung Ah (Jewelry)
Leader and one of the more popular members of the longest lasting girl group, Jewelry.

Seo In Young (Jewelry)
Famous for her blunt and honest personality, Seo In Young's fame took another step up with "Cinderella" and her appearance on MBC We Got Married.

Chunmoo Stephanie (CSJH)

A member of the four-girls group, The Grace. Professionally trained in ballet, jazz, and hip hop, Stephanie would have gone on to a dance school if she didn't join the K-Pop world. She has appeared numerous times on variety shows such as X-Man and has amazed fans with her graceful dances.
Son Dambi

Nicknamed the female Rain, Son Dambi was sent to America to learn the krumping style. According to herself, she wants to become like Beyonce! Dambi is definitely tall and pretty enough, but will she be a rival to Hyori like she said on SBS Family Outing? Her dances in "Crazy" and "Saturday Night" were insanely popular, and since she's only debuted for about 2 years, I'm sure fans can look forward to more of her works in the future.

Park Ga Hee (After School)
The sexy leader and great dancer of After School.

Yoobin (Wonder Girls)
Not to play favorites, but Yoobin seems to be considered as the best dancer in the Wonder Girls.

Hyo Yeon (SNSD)
Hyo Yeon is usually regarded as the best dancer out of the 9 girls.

Yuri (SNSD)
Yuri is one heck of a dancer too.
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