G Dragon Solo performance

Annyong..... Long time no see...

Finally i'm back with a GREATEST news that i have been waiting for so LONG time. Finally GD's had his solo performance. AGH!!!! i really happy^^. I love his performance. He really AMAZING. Of course I Love Big Bang too. I hope that they have make korea album soon.

Talking about GD's solo performance, i want to talk about back dancer's style. They look like an anime. They use Death Note concept. AGH!! GD always have his FRESH performance. He sang his new solo singl, 'Heartbreaker'. Once again i want to say, I LOVE THIS SONG!!!

Check this out...


G Dragon FIRST LIVE solo performance!

Big Bang's G-Dragon will finally perform his solo album tracks for the very first time, on the August 30th episode ofSBS Inkigayo!

In related news, Big Bang will be performing together on August 26th in Seoul at the Hongdae Live Hall. Fans are extremely excited about this, as It's been a very long time since Big Bang has been on the Korean stages.

And there's even more good news for Big Bang fans, as there is a high possibility that
Daesung will be discharged from the hospital on either the 27th or the 28th.

YG Entertainment stated:

"Unfortunately, due to Daesung's accident, he won't be able to perform on the 26th. Regardless, Big Bang will stand in front of fans and put on a good performance."

Seungri replaces Daesung

Big Bang's Seungri will be replacing Daesung starting on the 24th for 1 night and 2 days on the hit variety showFamily Outing!

Jang Hyuk Jae PD stated, "Seungri will be taking Daesung's spot on the show for now. Honestly, we were just planning on filming without Daesung for now, but Seungri approached us and said he would fill in. We are extremely grateful for this, it's really nice to see a Big Bang member helping out. But of course, it's not a full family without Daesung."

With the exception of Taeyang, all Big Bang members have appeared on the show. We hope Daesung has a speedy recovery, so that he can come back onto the show soon!


SNSD on Intimate Note [Preview]

HAhahaha... Comeback! Long Time no see...*_*

This a new information about SNSD. After their sunbae(senior), Super Junior. This time is SNSD turn to appear on SBS Intimate Note. I really didn't sure about which member was awkward to other member. On this show only 8 member appear. Who's not there?? She is Tiffany. Maybe she cannot join them because of her schedule.

SNSD was very funny on this show. I really like them...

Check out the Preview...


G-Dragon Heartbreaker Lyric

Is this what you've been waiting for? (brand new gd)
I'm all by myself, but it's all good
You're my heartbreaker (dj and yg)
Let me take this song

Nado eodiseo kkullijin anheo
Ajik sseulmanhan geol jukji anhasseo
Neohana ttaemune manggajin mom
Sarajin kkum motchatneun mam
Neol wihaeseoramyeon I han mom nallyeo
Niga inneun gosimyeon dallyeo
Hajiman geudaen naege annyeong tto annyeong

Neon naega shiltago
Iyuga mwonyago
Jasininneun nipyojeongi modeungeol malhaejwo seulpeugehae
Geuraedo jotago
Gihoereul dallaedo
Hanbeon doraseon nimoseup chagaun geu nunbichi shireoyo

No no
You're my heart heart heart heart heart breaker naega mwoljalmotaenneunji
You're my heart heart heart heart heart breaker no way no way

Naega neol tteonagandaedo (ay)
Naneun jeongmal gandago (ay)
Jalsanabojago (ay) (lovers and haters)
Jigeutjigeutjigeutae ppigeutppigeutppigeutae
Naesarangui bigeuge no way

Maeil ttokgachi mutneunde
Neon naega byeonhaetdago hae gajingseureon ipdamullae
Sangdaega nugunji algo malhae
Nan ije out of control honjaseo gyesokmitto
Geujari geugoseseo annyeong tto annyeong

Neon naega sirtago
Iyuga mwonyago
Hwaganan ni moksori modeungeol boyeojwo seulpeugehae
Geuraedo jotago
Gihoereul dallago
Hanbeon doraseon nimoseup chagaun geu misoga miwoyo

No no
You're my heart heart heart heart heart breaker naega mwoljalmotaenneunji
You're my heart heart heart heart heart breaker no way no way

Naega neol tteonagandaedo (ay)
Naneun jeongmal gandago (ay)
Jalsanabojago (ay) (lovers and haters)
Jigeutjigeutjigeutae ppigeutppigeutppigeutae
Naesarangui bigeuge

I'll still still be there(kkeojin ni jeonhwagie)
I'll still still be there (naejibap pyeonjihame)

Nan ajikdo geudael(ijen namira haedo)

I will still be there


Yeongwonhi hamkkehajan geumaldeul
Jamkkanui, dalkomhan ppunirago
Geudaen wae amureochiannnyago nan ireoke apeunde

You're my heart heart heart heart heart breaker naega mwoljalmotaenneunji
You're my heart heart heart heart heart breaker no way no way

You're my heart heart heart breaker
You're my heart heart heart breaker breaker
H.e.a.r.t breaker (no way)

I'm out

TOP back to 50s for ELLE

Daesung’s operation was a success

We reported earlier this morning that Daesung would be on today getting operated, 19th August for his horrific multiple fracture suffered in a car accident last week, while returning to Seoul from recording Family Outing.

The operation was a success as we speak.

According to sources at the hospital, Daesung was wheeled into the operation room at 11.30am and placed under general anesthesia. The operation on his fractured bones around the eye and nose area lasted for about four hours, ending at around 3.30pm. YG Entertainment said on the 19th, "Daesung's operation was a success and we will be focusing on his recovery now." His projected recuperation time is set at 8 weeks although that could be shortened depending on Daesung's condition. No operation will be done on Daesung's spinal chord which will be treated normally. But in any case, YG Entertainment will not rush Daesung back to work until he's near 100%.

Daesung's injuries have already seen changes made to his schedule. Daesung dropped out of his musical,
Shouting which started on 12th August. He will also miss the recording of Family Outing between 24 - 25th August. In addition, Big Bang's Japan concert tour has been moved to early 2010 to accomodate Daesung's recovery.

Happy Birthday to Kwon Ji Yong

Saengil chukkae hamnida, Saengil chukkae hamnida…
Saengil Chukkae hamnida Ji Yong oppa. I wish you always keep healthy and God give you all the best.

Keep success with Big Bang even though Daesung still on the hospital.
I will pray for him so he will get well soon.

I think GD was happy because on his 21st birthday.
Because he release the album 'Heartbraker' today!!!!!!!


And 'Heartbraker' MV Is out!!!!!!!

Daesung Car Accident

Big Bang’s Daesung got into accident and sent to hospital on 11th. According to diagnostic result,Daesung fractured his nose and got small bruises on his face and arms as well. Thus, doctors required him for over 4 weeks of treatments.

YG Entertainment later said, “We first thought it was a car accident, but found out that the car that Daesung was in hit the guard rail itself,” on the same day of an accident to Money Today Star News.

According to YG, the car was driving around Pyung-Taek City, Kyoung-Gi Province, under rainy conditions and hit the guard rail around 4pm after having finished shooting SBS ‘Family Outing.’

Also, according to company, Daesung was sent to the closest emergency room right after accident. After an hour of close examination, he suffered a fractured pleurapophysis and nose. YG said, “Hospital said pleurapophysis will heal naturally if he rests for about four weeks. We are planning to send him to a hospital in Seoul and get treatments.”

Also, manager who drove the car got leg injuries.

YG said that the stylist who was sitting in the back seat got severe injuries and bled a lot, so they are worrying about her health a lot at this moment. The stylist was sent to the nearest hospital, but hospital recommended to send her to a bigger hospital in Seoul, and is currently waiting for surgery.

There’s a big possibility that Daesung will not be attending his new musical ‘Shouting’ press conference on the 12th because of this accident. YG said, “‘Shouting’ press conference will go on as planned, but we don’t think Daesung will be able to attend. We will focus on his rest and put him back on good condition.”

YG also added, “We are sorry to many fans who are worried throughout this incident.”


Daesung of Big Bang who got into a car accident on 11th found more fracture around his eye after close diagnosis.

According to YG Entertainment representative on 13th, his diagnosis came up with 4 weeks of treatment based on nose and spine fracture, but they found additional fracture around his left eye cornea, thus his treatment got extended to 8 weeks.

Representative also added that “he needs to get surgery for that area when he gets nose surgery.” Daesung’s car was coming out from a tunnel located at Pyoung-Taek Freeway and it slipped and hit guard rail with the back of car around 4pm after shooting for SBS ‘Family Outing.’

*Actually, this an old news. But, i just want you to know more about this information.

i hope daesung will get healthy soon.

G-Dragon Heartbreaker Concept Photos!

Big Bang member G-Dragon just released concept photos from his first solo album Heartbreaker!

G-Dragon who is known as a fashionista, especially with all of his crazy hairstyles, released his new "blonde" look on the 18th.

YG Entertainment stated, "G-Dragon entered YG Entertainment at the age of 13, and has produced many hit songs for Big Bang. His new album will however consist of 10 songs that will show G-Dragon's true colors, which he hasn't been able to do with Big Bang." Check it out below!

G-Dragon’s album cover and tracklist revealed & song preview

The album cover and track list for Big Bang leader G-Dragon's solo album have been revealed. TitledHeartbreaker, the album consists of eleven tracks and is loaded with promising collaborations. 2NE1's Sandara Parkand leader CL, as well as fellow Big Bang memberTaeyang and 1TYM leader Teddy Park, are featured on the album.

G-Dragon recently released teaser clips for A Boy, Butterfly, and Heartbreaker via his me2day. "The album drops August 18th, and fans will soon find out if Mr. Kwon Ji Yong really will "sweep the summer away."

You can pre-order the album at
YesAsia or YGEshop.

Big Bang, 2NE1 added to Asia Song Festival 2009 lineup

It was announced earlier that Super Junior and SNSD will be representing Korea at the 6th (2009) Asia Song Festival. In the finalized list released on the 11th, Big Bang and 2NE1 from YG Entertainment will also be joining them on 19th September at Seoul's World Cup Stadium. Korea are definitely well represented in numbers as well as popularity.

Finalized list of performers (52 performers from 9 countries)

Korea: Big Bang, Super Junior, SNSD, 2NE1
Japan: Gackt, mihimaru GT, V6
China: Chris Lee
Taiwan: Show Luo
Hong Kong: Ekin Cheng, Leon Lai
Thailand: K-Otic
Vietnam: Ho Ngoc Ha
Indonesia: Agnes Monica
Ukraine: Ruslana

G-Dragon releases solo album preview!

Big Bang member G-Dragon released a preview of his solo track today via Me2day,
which is sure to get fan girls all fired up!

His solo album is scheduled to drop on August 18th, 2009.
So stay tuned for more details!

What do you think? Excited?


Super Junior Member Cyworld

This posting belongs to you who are Super Junior fan ^^
But, if you are not fan of SuJu but like their song or other of course you can read it too.
I was update about SuJu Member Cyworld.


[Teuki] ~090809 Sidebar
..It’s not an End…but an…And…


being one, a beautiful feeling**

**- could also “a beautiful feeling being one”

[Eunhyuk] Sidebar update ~090809

“My bro…”


Posted as 2009.08.08 Written in 2009.08.09 at 04:41 AM

..The name Super Junior is so precious…

..Write it here and there..

Original Source & Translation. 박정수싸이 & La’MISS:fairy at SJ-WORLD.NET

Written on 2009.08.09 at 04:49 AM

It’s not painful…
And I wasn’t even weak…

I’m just grieved at heart…

Original Source & Translation. 이혁재싸이 & La’MISS:fairy at SJ-WORLD.NET

2009.08.09 23:47 Sungmin Diary

We visited Kangjin..

Fish’s mother bought us some amazing beef..

Flower beef fillet*.. hoo hoo… lightly melting in your mouth, tasty beef…
These days, even though usually I’m a light eater, it seems I’m able to eat 2~3 people’s servings..

Trying spicy seaweed soup for the first time and fresh raw beef even…
I’m still thinking about it….muahahha! I feel only happiness..

Also, we finished the performance at Kangjin successfully, and we’re on the way back…
Ah…at the performance stadium, it seems like we only came out for 1 hour..
Reaching Seoul takes 3 and a half hours…..ㅠㅠ

Despite being tired, I removed my makeup..
If I were to be called a genuine silky skin pretty boy… ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
At times like this, I wonder why I am called a silky skin pretty boy sometimes I feel regretful too..

I’m feeling like this once again but it is important that I cleanse well..
I have not done it well for two days..
I put on a moisture pack too… And I applied this and that…
For the sake of Kyochon filming tomorrow for the sake of a soft soft skin
I’ll end here good night**! ^ㅡ^

Today’s work ends safely too!

* — it is like raw beef arranged in the shape of a flower
** — in Konglish :D

SR: 이성민 싸이월드
Translated by rocket & yurim_sj♥ @ SJ-World.net

[Kyuhyun] diary >>090809
Heenim who recently got addicted to Starcraft….
Suju’s Terran Ace Heenim….

But due to lack of concentration if he plays a game for more than 10 minutes
Heenim doesn’t want to play the game anymore…..

I’m getting him to fall for Star Craft’s charm more and more….


* Ace and Star Craft written in English.
** Just a laughing sound.

Original Source. 조규현싸이 & Translation by. La’MISS:fairy at SJ-WORLD.NET

Cre:Daily Kpop News


SBS Inkigayo Summer Special: Goodbye, Girls’ Generation!

Girls' Generation / SNSD granted many S♥NE wishes with their promotions for "Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)". These girls are absolutely gorjess no matter what they do, whether it's setting Music Bank records, munching onnaengmyun, or apologizing profusely. Unfortunately, this goodbye stage marks the beginning of a music-show hiatus for the girls; hopefully they'll get some much-needed rest before coming back with a full album!

SBS Inkigayo Summer Special Performance

Everyone who fan of KPOP boyban/girlband have known SBS Inkigayo. This is a TV Music show. You can watch all of KPOP boyband/girlband perform they single.

This time i want to give you an information about SBS Inkigayo Summer Special. I like this very much. They have made "Mix n' Match group" or male group sang female group hit single.
It really very INTERESTED.^^

List of Group and Song:
  1. 2ne1 - Last Farewell[Big Bang]
  2. FT. Island - Fire[2ne1] & Pretty Girl ft. Kara
  3. Mix Group(SHINee: Taemin & Key, 2Pm: Taecyeon & Wooyoung, MC Mong)

SNSD "Super Junior Wannabe"

Now we talk about SNSD.
What happen???

this not an accident or anything of ANTIS.
This time is about SNSD 'SORR SORRY' Performance...
Really nice....
i like when "Let's Dance... Dance..." part....
oh my GOD... they can make it SIMILIAR...
of course they can, because Super Junior and SNSD are SM Ent. artist.

Yoona Always BEAUTIFULL than the other...(hahaha, that's my Opinion. if you are agree with me thank's. But, if you're not no problem. Everyone have different opinion^^)

Check it out:

G Dragon M2day Account

Haha... Photography*28 is back... You know what we gonna doing again right^^

a News coming from my FAVOURITE group Big Bang(Agh...Melt...^^).
When i was visiting Big Bang Fansite, i just think maybe they didn't have a new information. just still with Big Bang Big Show Lotte park(I'm sorry didn't post it... I have many task...). But, when scroll down my mouse....(What happen???) ****OH MGD!!!!!!*** THey have GD's Me2Day link!!!!
agh......................................**** I'm very HAPPY... After i've found Super Junior Member cyworld, now i have GD's me2day(who i fan of.....VERY MUCH...^^). I AM VERY HAPPY....

WHy the other member didn't think to have a me2day acc. too?? (I hope they realize soon...^^)

This a new photo of GD (w/ CL...^^):
LOVE 2NE1 too....

And this is a video about Big Bang Big Show : Lotte Park. Check it out...

Fat lips, baby lips, slender lips and jailbait lips?

Mnet is back again with another one of their quirky polls, and this time it's about which star's lips do you want to steal the most?

Coming out on top is none other than everyone's favorite man-baby, Nickhun. Famous for having adorable charms of a baby encased in a big man's body, Nickhun proves that not only do ladies like them young, but they also like them big. That's two strikes for me.

Our boy se7en also made the list at number 9, but it's quite unfortunate that he did not get his lucky number 7. I personally would have put se7en higher up on the list just because that guy's lips probably have more fat in them than I do in both my man boobs. Fyi, I'm an A cup.

G-dragon grabbed the 11th spot with his slender fashionista lips, making every VIP fangirls wishing they were that "J" girl mentioned in his song "This Love".

2NE1's Multi-talented Magnificent Maknae Minji grabbed the 14th spot. Minji is only 15 years old, but she has already been sending oppas and unnies to jail since her first chest pop.

Same with your opinion????^^

SHINee will debut in Japan

SHINee again...^^

SHINEe romeo Pictures, Images and Photos

allkpop :
KJnet officially announced that SHINee will be visiting Japan on the 10th of August to hold a fan meeting at Nigano Sun Plaza Hall in Tokyo. In addition, a Japanese album is said to be dropping pretty soon.

Be hapily for all SHINeeWorld on Japan because SHINee will come to visit you...^^

Actually i'm an Indonesia...
Kpop boyband never come here to performance or promotion...T_T

SHINee does Reebok

The first time i'm talking about SHINee(on another post SHINee with SNSD).

Sports brand Reebok has chosen SHINee to model their stuff again.Their last look was of the retro concept, but this time round, they came back with a "modern trainer" concept and the SC Tra
iners that they are endorsing will offer eye-popping colors that the new generation would love. I like them this way better rather then se
eing them prancing around in feathers and girl clothes.

Big Bang Wannabe???

Actualy, this post is about BIG BANG...
Maybe you will asked, 'Why the title is "Big Bang Wannabe"?
There's a singer on China has a similiar song with Big Bang 'Last Farewell'.

Who's the singer???
to VIP please don't be MAD...
He is Lin Zhi Hao.


Maybe you will get surprise to listen his reason make similiar song with Big Bang song.
It's because... HE LIKE BIG BANG!!!


Big Bang single 'Bringing You Love'


For you all VIP'ers, now Big Bang are on SHORT BREAK from Japan activities.
GD was concentrate to his Solo Album/Minialbum. Big Bang still with Japanese Album. After GD's Solo Album release, Big Bang new Japanese album will release. Single 'Bringing You Love' actualy has a preview. Big Bang Japanese Album will release after GD solo's album release.

It's very BUSY,,,

Preview of Big Bang 'Bringing You Love'...

He is very CUTE...^^
Here's the track list of Big Bang album titled 'BIG BANG' track list.

Track List:
  1. Intro
  2. Gara-Gara Go!
  3. My Heaven
  4. Stay
  5. Top Of The World
  6. Follow me
  7. Baby Baby(Japanese Ver.)
  8. Emotion
  9. Love Club
  10. Always(Japanese Ver.)
Can't wait for it...
Please Support them with purchase their Album...
or download it!!!

ISF ep 56 (Super Junior)

hahahaha... Back with Super Junior ISF continue episode.

Eeteuk always appear as a CLOWN. And this time he danced using SNSD song 'Gee'.
Lee Kyuhan show his SEXY side(hahahaha...^^)
Eunhyuk show a SLAM DUNK anime dance...It really Funny,,,^^
Chansung always with NICE DANCE!!! (OH MGD!!)

On women side...
Eunhye Bely dance???
BumI hahahaha... she appear like a PUPPET DOLL...

you have to watch it by YOURSELF...
and you WILL... LAUGH OUT LAUD...

EunTeuk ISF

SNSD Special Performance on Music Core

SNSD does 3 special performance on music core.

First is a colaboration of Onew and Jessica. Both of them sing a song 'One Year Later'. Music Core have a great stage with a big miniature BOAT.

Second Performance does by 6 member of SNSD. They sing Seoyeon's Remix song 'In Summer'.

And of course their Hit Sungle(I Think Genie is a Hit Single...^^)'Tell me your wish' or as we also known as 'Genie'. I always update their new video of performance because of their NICE uniform. On this Performance they wear White Sailor uniform. I REALLY LOVE IT!!!!!

SNSD Music Core

cre: Prot0980, YouTube, photography.blogspot.com