Welcome to SNSD’s Party!

Welcome to SNSD's Party!

All eight nine members of SNSD (Girl's Generation) are on the August cover of Ceci Magazine, and DAMN! They look HOT! Ceci is known for only having the top celebrities on the cover, like Lee Hyori, and SNSD will now proudly steal the spotlight!

It is Ceci's 15th anniversary, and also SNSD's 2nd anniversary, and to party it up, the concept for the cover was none other than PARTY! SNSD is the first girl group to be featured on the cover with all their members.

Ceci said, "SNSD looked so lovely in their hot pink lipstick for their first time. Instead of their marine look, you will see a more lovely side of SNSD."

Here it is! Enjoy, but please, not too much!

Welcome to SNSD's Party!

Welcome to SNSD's Party!

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