Big Bang on YG Live TV

YG’s new reality TV show call “YGLive” featuring all YG artists, from YG himself, Teddy, Gummy, Big Bang, 2NE1 and more. The camera follows them 24/7 and show us what all the great YG artist do when they’re not onstage. It’s pretty, we get to see more Big Bang, I’m very thankful for this show, it’s about time we see some dorky Big Bang So, thank you YG.

Big Bang Cut:

Really… nothing can be freaking better than seeing all the YG artists working their magic behind the scene, behaving like …. a family haha Jinu is such a dork, haha Tabi and the chicken too… speechless. And Bae…a www…… he saw the puppies, such a cutie. THEN IT’S DAE! Dancing to Again&Again haha such a dork, he was mad when Khun didn’t perform his solo part, Dae’s fave in 2PM is Khun haha.

Big Bang was on the set of their “Gara Gara Go!” MV shoot, Tabi and Dae together… really are a comedy match in heaven. Behind those sexy frames in the “Gara Gara Go!” MV.. is a yellow chicken who doesn’t now when to shut up, and… Dae making faces like he’s having organism. Bong finally appeared… of course, while eating something, haha and his cool hair~ kaka Bong even know how to tease girls?? haha the CRAZY unnies are getting embarassed.. that’s new.

The GRI love is still there, just when you think it’s gone.. BAM! It came right back.

Teddy appeared on the set of Gara Gara Go! to support Big Bang, he pointed to Bae “He’s the best!!!” hahha Baby seems scared of him hahah

Bong always be chainging a million outfits a day… it’s crazy, but that’s just Bong. 2NE1 geting ready for their Inki performance, CL showed us the ice cream ring Bong gave to her as a present. Of course, the boys also find time on their shoot to monitor the girls on live TV.

YG’s face lit up right away when the girls arrived, haha they’re like his little girls. But it’s still VERY awkward for him to eat lunch with the girls, just look at CL’s horrified face. YG was desperately trying to seek for help, he ask Dae and Bae to join haha he told Bae “YoungBae ah~ you see this? After 5 years and it’s still this awkward”. Cl asked Bong how they did on Inkigayo…. Bong is too strict..

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