2NE1 2nd Performance @ SBS Inkigayo 310509

The Interview


4-member female group 2NE1’s 2nd ‘Fire’ performance has received the praises from netizens.
The group had their 2nd performance of ‘Fire’ on 31st May on SBS Inkigayo after their debut performance on 17th May.
Netizens who saw today’s performance commented, “They look more confident”, “Actually to say the truth, watching their 1st performance, I was quite disappointed with the performance of some of the members. But this 2nd performance, the girls proved to be better. And I’m looking forward to more performances by them”, “They look like they have adapted well since last performance. This is a much upgraded performance, can’t be compared to the 1st one.”
With their 2nd performance just done a few hours back, netizens have been hot into discussing about it, and just on SBS noticeboard, there are over 100 of comments posted.

MY HEAVEN - Lyric(Translation)

Romaji My Heaven

Love you girl, kimi dake ga my heaven
Sing it together
Big Bang
Hey T, let's do it broGo go go...
24/7 itte mirya heaven
24/7 yume kokochi heaven
24/7 eien sa heaven
24/7 heaven let's go

Yo, maji iu nara sou kimi ga towa no my lover
Everything in the past is like never let go
Never knew that love could come and go just like that yo
Waiting for you day and night in my dreams and go
Summer flow in the night, take flight and glow
That's forever love
Kimi to iru hazu no tomorrow its gone

Sanzan make love na noni naze kimi wa gone
Ai wa tsukamikakete itsumo
Mata kono te suri nuketa
Kimi dake nanka sukoshi chigau
Unmei kanjiteta noni
Mirai saa
You're the only one in my life

Aitakute aitakute
Ano umi de matte iru yo
Kimi e no omoi
Asa mo hiru mo yoru mo
Aitakute you are my heaven

Happiness ... sadness ... tears ...
Sky ... stars ... and my heaven

Kimi dake ga inai
Iro no nai sekai
Dameeji wa fukakute hakarishirenai

Ano hi no kuchibiru mada atatakaku
Omoidaseru noni nasusube mo naku

Oh baby baby, hora, kokoro no naka ni kimi no memory
Oh baby baby, mada karada ni nokoru kimi no messeeji

Tsumenai netsu wo owaraseru youni
Oh baby, furu tsuetai ame
Because of you

Kienaide kienaide
Ano natsu de toki wo tomete
Omoide daite aki mo fuyu mo haru mo
Eien ni you are my heaven

Hey, hey, listen to me
Saigo ni kita messeeji
Gomen dake ja shoujiki nani mo wakannai
Mou ichido soba ni kite ano koro mitai ni waratte yo

Aitakute aitakute
Ano umi de matte iru yo
Kimi e no omoi asa mo hiru mo yoru mo
Aitakute you are my heaven

24/7 my heaven

Kanji My Heaven

사랑해 난 널 기억해 heaven
love you girl, 君だけが my heaven
love you girl, 너만이 my heaven

la la la la -

24/7 그댄 영원한 heaven 24/7 그댄 나만의 heaven
24/7 いってみりゃ heaven 24/7ゆめごこち heaven
24/7 말하자면 heaven 24/7 꿈같은 heaven
24/7 그댄 영원한 heaven 24/7 heaven
24/7 永遠さ heaven 24/7 heaven
24/7 영원해 heaven 24/7 heaven

마지막 일 줄 알았던 두번 다시 안 올 줄 알았던君が
내겐 전혀 어울리질 않았던 사랑이 어느 무더운 여름날 다가왔죠
기다리고 기다리던 나의 반쪽 항상 널 꿈꿔왔죠
넌 내 맘의 안식처 보고 또 보고 주고 또 주고만 싶죠君といるはずの let't go
난 설레임에 목말라 왜 내 사랑은 다 도망가loveなのに なぜ君わ
뜻대로 되지않아 속만타 알다가도 모르겠다いつ-もまた
그래도 너만은 놓치고 싶지가 눈앞에서 멀어지고 싶지가 않아君だけ何かすこし違う "~" かんじてたのに "~"
you are the one in my Life 그댄 천국보다 아름답다さあ ,you are the one in my Life "~"

너를 사랑해 너를 부르네 너를 기억해 너를 기다리네あいたくて あいたくて あの 海で 待っているよ
보고 싶어 보고 싶어서 그 바다에서 기다리고 있어

그대의 말 한마디 사랑한다는 그 한마디君への 思い 朝も ひるも 夜も너에 대한 마음 아침에도 낮에도 밤에도

More Kanji Lyric

Translation My Heaven

Love you girl only you are my heaven
sing it together
big bang
Hey T, let's do it bro
Go go go..
It’s the truth if I say you are my eternal lover
everything in the past is like never let gon
ever knew that love could come and go just like that yo
waiting for you day and night in my dreams and go
summer flow in the night, take flight and glow
that's forever love

That “you would be with me tomorrow”, it’s gone
Even though we had great times together, why have you gone
Love has always failed to grab my hands
Only you somehow are a little different
I always felt this was fate
From now on you're the only one in my life

I want to see you, I want to see you
I’m waiting for you by that sea
My feelings for you
Whether it’s the morning, the afternoon, or the evening
I want to see you, you are my heaven

sky...stars...and my heaven

Only you are missing
But the world is so colorless
The depth of the damage is immeasurable
Those lips of that days are still warm
But even if I keep remembering them, I’m at loss of knowing what to do

Oh baby, memories of you are still in my heart
Oh baby, your messages still remain on my body So that this unable-to-cool-down heat can be stopped
Oh baby, the cold rain is falling
Because of you

Please don’t vanish, don’t vanish
Please stop the time at that summer
I’m still holding those memories, whether it’s autumn, winter, or spring
For eternity, you are my heaven

Hey, hey, listen to me
Finally the message came
There’s only “I’m sorry”, I really don’t understand at all
Just one more time, come to my side, smiling like those times

I want to see you, I want to see you
I’m waiting for you by that sea
My feelings for youWhether it’s the morning, the afternoon, or the evening
I want to see you, you are my heaven

24/7 My heaven

Big Bang shows off their Japanese Skills on MTV VMA Japan

Dae was SMOKIN’ on that red carpet, whoo~ boi, when you get so fine? haha LOL at the.. headgear guy with his overly excitedness for BIG-A-BANG! haha

BoA wasn't the only Korean artist in attendance at MTV VMA Japan on 30th May, Korean group Big Bang was there as well. They weren't there just for the festivities however, they actually had a role to play.

Big Bang was introduced as "Guest Celebrities" and showed off their Japanese and English linguistic skills for around 30 seconds before introducing Katy Perry. I can't really say much about their Japanese, because I don't know Japanese, but their English seemed pretty good. It seems like G-Dragon is getting better with the accent. Thanks to justine for the tip!

Big Bang & w-inds. – Backstage of VMAJ 2009

*i like Dae new Hairstyle!! He was very CUTE!!

Credit : bigbangkorean.wordpress, allkpop.com

Return to Japan By This Week for Promo Activities

Big Bang will return to Japan by this week for their promo activities in Japan.

The promo activities will start concurrently upon the release of “My Heaven” single on June 24th as stated in the press conference held in Tokyo on May 13th.

Besides that, Big Bang will also be attending the MTV Video Music Awards Japan as one of celebrity guest held on May 30th at Japan Saitama Super Arena and will continue their stay in Japan afterwards.

Based on a phone conversation with Osen, a rep from the company stated that ”My Heaven” pv had been released in Japan and asking everyone to show interest and support for BigBang’s upcoming performances and activities there.

On June 24th, “My Heaven” will be released as a Digital Single simultaneously in 6 Asia countries like China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia.
*Why the song not Realease in INDONESIA???

"My Heaven" Album Cover

*My Heaven Version A
Track List :
  1. My Heaven
  2. Emotion
  3. My Heaven (Ajapai Remix)
*My Heaven Version B
Track List :
  1. My Heaven
  2. Emotion
  3. Candle ~ (Michitomo Remix)

There also gonna be CD+DVD.

Realease Date : 24th June '09

T.O.P Doll look - alike's?

How cute....? I like this Doll!
TOP always cool. I like the doll eyes and the hairstyle.

My Heaven MV

This is a new MV from Big Bang. A new MV for Japan!My Heaven. The song is not diferent from the Original song.But in Japanese language...

In this MV, TOP has a new Hairstyle. He always make SURPRISE...And GD be a MV Model. DID GD DO KISS with the GIRL???

if you want to know watch it!COOL MV...

Interview: W-inds Response on Collaborating with GD

The reason for collaborating with BigBang GDragon:

Rain Is Fallinis the song that is collaborated with Big Bang, right?

Keita: Yes. Big Bang leader, G-Dragon has participated in the rap part.

Ryuichi: I’m R-dragon (smile)

Ryohei is also R-Dragon right.

Ryohei: You still don’t know yet. Ryuichi’s Ryu is ‘dragon’ (pronunciation of dragon in japanese and korean is different) You should know about this.

Oh, I see.

Ryohei: Yes (smile). G-Dragon is a rapper, and also capable in lyrics writing and composing, he is only 21 which is younger than us. We were too surprised when we heard of this song for the first time. We sent over the song to Korea, after adding the rap, we had goosebumps after we listened to it.

Has this stimulated/motivated you?

Ryuichi: Of course, since this is our first cooperation, we are glad that we were the first to collaborate with him. We were also shocked by his English pronunciation as well as his performance.

Ryohei : We thought that there will be Korean pronunciation, however the manner of his eng rap is different from ours, that really has stimulated us. His dancing too, has attractive skills in it, we are really inspired by him, feel like we have learned something.
HipHop/R&B in Japan and Korea, has been influenced by US, and it’s a great impact, this influence has been used by dancing and also music.
Keita: Japanese music has also been developing toward that kind of style. In this moment, we are pursuing to do the music that we can make now. After the first collaboration with G-Dragon, I feel that he has lotsa talents that a normal 21-yr-old don’t have, and I’m impressed with his courage. This made me think that I should do the same too. In music as well, I have more inspirations lately.

What is the reason of the cooperation with G-Dragon?

Keita: We have participated in the ‘Asian Music Festival’ which is hold in Korea last October, the local staff has introduced some popular Korean singers, including Big Bang, to me during that time, and I’m quite interested in them, so I went online and searched about them. After that, I heard that they will have concert in Japan in Nov, so I went to see their concert. Their performances and vocals are great, and then I had this thought to work with him.

Ryuichi: We have participated on the same TV show in this Feb, therefore when we met him in the set we told him about the proposal [Let’s do something together~]

Keita: During the recording of ‘Rain Is Fallin’, since there is a rap part, so we requested for his help [Can you collaborate with us?], and he agreed with it immediately, hence the collaboration is done.

Park Ye Jin might leave Family Outing?

The latest is that things are being worked out now between SBS and BOF, so no conclusion yet, just Korean media jumping the gun. But the conflict in schedules are indeed a big problem.
Inevitable when it comes to variety but still sad to see it become reality. Park Ye Jin's management agency, BOF announced on the 25th that the Family Outing episode with Choo Sung Hoon which will be aired in 2 weeks time on 7th and 14th June will be her last. Ye Jin is sad that she has to leave Family Outing because she has developed so much feelings over it, the bonding with the other family members and the fact that it has made more people take notice of her after appearing in it for close to a year.
The decision to leave SBS Family Outing was because of the daily filming schedule for MBC's Queen Seon Duk (debuting on 25th May), where she plays Princess Chun Myung. In addition, Park Ye Jin will also be filming for a movie which will start at the end of May concurrently. Previously, Ye Jin had taken on KBS2TV Hateful But Once Again together with Family Outing, which took a toll on her health and saw her falling sick.

There's no further word from SBS as yet on how they will handle this but Park Ye Jin's absence from Family Outing will be sorely missed in the long-term.

My Comment :

*It'l Horible!!! she is CUTE when she do any activities on FO!!!

[Interview] Big Bang leader GDragon, “As compared to my solo album, Big Bang is more important”

I felt somewhat relieve to read this interview, it’s true that we all want to see Bong’s solo album like now, but we also don’t want him to stress him out so much. No matter how long it is, I think I can wait, as long as he’s healthy and hyper like he’s always do, even 10 solo albums can’t compare to that. And I also love how he said Big Bang is more important to him, the true Kwon Leadah.

Group Big Bang leader GDragon talks about the responsibilities he has as a leader to the group.

He met up with some reporters recently and talked about his solo album, “I am very sorry to fans about postponing the release date of my solo album. But as compared to my solo album, Big Bang is more important.”

GDragon’s solo album was initially set to be released in April or May. But a while back, YG Yang Hyun Seok wrote a note on YG Entertainment’s official website saying the album will be postponed till August instead.

He explained about GDragon had a little slump/depression symtoms from work and stress. And he had told GDragon to do his solo album at his own pace instead.

GDragon who has been back from his fashion vacation in Europe said laughing, “Since debut I have been working non stop, and I was tired. Furthermore it was much pressure on my side about my solo album. And my head went a bit complicated, but I assure it is not like the depression that everyone is worrying about.”

The pressure he had about his solo album was to show his individual style that is different from Big Bang. He said, “Currently the recording and working for the album has almost completed. But until the moment the album is released, I’ll have to work on brining out my own style. Because of that, I’ll keep the concept of the album secret for now.”

About his vacation to Europe recently, “If I had more time, I have more places I wanted to see but I went to London and Paris, and flew to Japan after that. Personally I like bustling and crowded London more. Going on a vacation like this without having to worry about anything, I think I cleared up my head a lot.”

GDragon will fly Japan on the 28th. Then he would attend MTV Video Music Award Japan 2009 on 30th with Big Bang, and the group will continue with the Japanese activites. GDragon will then release his solo album after that.

He said, “This time we are going to advance into the Japan major market. Because this plan is more important, we don’t know if my solo album release will have to be postponed further or not. But like I said, to me, Big Bang always come first.”

Arena Pic's Collection

Random Life Lesson #1: Healthy BP | Ministry of Justice Spokesmen

RANDOM LIFE LESSON #1: keep your blood pressure in check!- although in those rare instances, it PAYS to have high blood pressure HAHA.

NEXT! our generation’s role models have been appointed spokesmen for the ministry of justice of korea. it’s a great honor to be recognized by your gov’t! big bang is hitting all areas of culture & society. yay them!

Popular idol group Big Bang attended a ceremony on 18th May at the Education & Exhibition Center for Seoul where they appointed as the new image ambassadors for the Korean Ministry of Justice. The main focus of the Ministry of Justice in 2009 is to reorganize the whole cyberspace and restore order. Considering that most of the internet users in Korea are teenagers, they decided to appoint the highly popular idol group, Big Bang as the image ambassadors to reach out to them. The appointment certificate was handed to Big Bang's leader, G-Dragon who was sporting a new hairstyle by the Justice Minister Kim Kyung Han. In return, G-Dragon gave a copy of Big Bang's CD to him. Daesung was not present because of filming for Family Outing.

2Ne1 - FIRE (Lyric)

Fire – 2Ne1
I go by the name of CL of 2NE1 It's been a long time coming, but We're here now And We about to set the roof on fire baby (Uh oh)You better get yours cause I'm Gettin' mine
Eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh 2NE1 Eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh You gotta ring the alarm Eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh We 2NE1 Eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey
Come in Come in Come in dareun saesangeuro
Jikyeobkiman han komineun ijae deungeul jigo
La La La La gashik eobneun naui kkotnoraero
Ha Ha Ha Ha dashineol bichi mothaedoruk Now Let's
Chumeul chumuel chumeul chumeul chouyo Wanna get down boda kkeun kkumeul kkumeul kkumeul gwo
Saesangeun naemam daero da hal su ittgiyae kkeum jayureul euihae Tonight Tonight Oh~
Nae nunbicheun bitnaneun byeol deulro na shimjangsogeun tae u neun jeo beulbitdo
yeongweonhajin anhkyeatji
Deo irheul keon eobsji Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh OH Yeah
Na mi mi mi mi mi mi mi michigo shippeoDeo pali tik tik tik tik tik tik tik tikgo shippeo
Jeo nopeun bildingeuro jeo pureun haneuleoro keukae so ri ri ri ri ri ri richigu shippeo
You got the fire naui gaseumeun kkung kkung kkung
You gotta drop it like it's hot jigeum meomchuryeo hajima Ooh
The Fire nae meoriseukeun kkung kung kkung
I gotta drop it like it's hot meomchuryeo hajima Hey
Get up Get up Get up Get up myeotbeol neomeojyeodo
Mideotdeon saesangi nal teudashi baeshinhaedo
Na na na nan jeoldae eulji anha babo cheoreom
Eo meo meo meo naesungtalji mal a nam deul cheoreom
Naega jeo kkeulkkaji daeryeokalkae Follo-Follow me
Sumi cha oreulmankeum dalryeojineun naui gaseumi eonji na shiljimaneun alnha jaemitchyeo?Keomnaji mal a Let it go
Boda deo naeun nae ilro Le Le Le Le Le Let's go
Nae nunbicheun bitnaneun byeol deulro na shimjangsogeun tae u neun jeo beulbitdo yeongweonhajin anhkyeatji
Deo irheul keon eobsji Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh OH Yeah
Na mi mi mi mi mi mi mi michigo shippeo
Deo pali tik tik tik tik tik tik tik tikgo shippeo
Jeo nopeun bildingeuro jeo pureun haneuleoro keukae so ri ri ri ri ri ri richigu shippeo
Sori jilleo Eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh 2NE1 Eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh You gotta ring the alarm Eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh We 2NE1 Eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh
Meoriga chalrang chalrang chalrang chalrang daedoreuk
Eongdeongil salrang salrang salrang salrang heundeulo
Meoriga chalrang chalrang chalrang chalrang daedoreuk
Eongdeongil salrang salrang salrang salrang heundeulo
UhNa mi mi mi mi mi mi mi michigo shippeo
Deo pali tik tik tik tik tik tik tik tikgo shippeo
Jeo nopeun bildingeuro jeo pureun haneuleoro keukae so ri ri ri ri ri ri richigu shippeo
Eonjena oneulcheoreom nan jayoreubgo shippeo

Click Here to Download 2Ne1 - Fire


"Naega baram pyeodo neoneun jeoldae pijima babyNaneun neoreul ijeodo neon nareul itjima ladyGakkeum naega yeollagi eopgo sureul masyeodoHoksi naega dareun eotteon yeojawaJamsi nuneul matchwodo neon naman barabwa"

It is part of the lyric from Tae Yang song "only look at me". I like when he danced with energetic when on the stage. It was so cool with his tuneful voice. I like his smile too... He is so cute when he smile, and i like when playing Piano! Oh... Cute Bong! I hope Tae Yang always Success with BIG BANG and with his solo album. I'm wait for it. WISH YOU ALL THE BEST!

그것은 태 양 노래 가사의 한 부분 "나만 봐"입니다. 내가 그 때 함께 무대에서 춤을 때처럼 정력. 너무 자신의 음악적인 목소리로 시원시원했다. 나는 그의 미소가 마음에 너무 ... 그는 미소를 할 때 그는 너무 귀여워하고 난 피아노 연주 때처럼! 오 ... 귀여운 봉! 난 희망 태 양 항상 성공과 자신의 솔로 앨범과 함께 큰 방. 나는 그것을 위해 기다릴거야. 당신은 모든 잘되길 바래!

*By : BB_Gurlz

05.17.09「Rain Is Fallin’ 」 ft. GDragon on NHK Music Japan

LOL. Bong just stood there and nod his head like he understands what’s going on kaka

Bong performed ‘Rain is Falling’ with w-inds. and it is hot. Maybe it’s the difference of the country/mic/sound system or whatever, but the audio quality is just amazing! I can hear Bong’s rap so clear and clean it’s just AH~ i love hearing his voice without all the vocoder crap. He announciates so well I LOVE IT!! And I also find myself falling for w-inds. especially the vocalist, Keita… he is just fine… with some awesome voice haha Bong rocking his long locks and headband haha such a hippie. Keita and Bong get along so well haha I love it when they do the ‘AND YOU! AND YOU!” move kaka leave it to Bong to run down and scream to the camera haha

Dude… seriously, is it because Japan’s sound system is so much more advanced than Korea?? cuz damn, I am loving this, if only music shows in Korea can be like this, cuz this is amazing, I’m sure they’re singing live and yet it sound JUST LIKE the damn record. HOT! Keita’s voice is melting.

09.05.17 NHK Music Japan

By: bigbangkoren.wordpress.com

2NE1: Intro & Debut Stage on Inkigayo


By: bigbangkorean.wordpress.com, YouTube

Big Bang: MY HEAVEN (Teaser)

Oh my god, you have no idea how happy I am to know that they will release a decent Japanese MV with plot lines, dance videos are cool and everything, but touching story lines and seeing Bong running with his scrawny legs will always be better.

Driving in a green car, remind me of the ‘We Belong Together’ days. GRI shot makes me happy. This give me a ‘Haru Haru’ vibe, I love ‘Heaven’ and I bet the Japanese version will be cool too. Looks like Bong decide to keep the ‘push-back-pony-tail’ look for this MV, gives a Japanese feel too, cool.

*I can't wait for the release this song...

By: bigbangkoran.wordpress.com

090514 Mezamashi TV ft. Big Bang & W-inds | BB Arena Shoot

this is so hilarious. i told you girls were crying in japan when they saw them haha. you get to see a lil bit of BB performing “My Heaven” during their press conference.

then it shows GD & W-inds going shopping at a store.like a tourist, jiyong bought gifts for each member haha.i thought it was cute how it sorta matched their personalities. came in w/ a shopping bag like santa claus LOL

- DAE got these SANDAL SLIPPERS. loved how he cracked up seeing em.

- TOP got a SAW IV figurine. maybe to invoke TOP to have more nightmares LOL

- YB got a MICHAEL JACKSON figurine. lol he just had to bust a thriller pose.

- SR got so excited when it was his turn to reveal his gift. then when he realized he got a BIB, he naturally made it cute. somehow. HAHA. “cuz he’s the baby of the group.” LOL

Big Bang “It was sensual so we were surprised…” Debut as a Model at Fashion Magazine with a Shocking Style

Big Bang challenged themselves with shocking style for their debut as fashion magazine models.

Big Bang who recently released new single album ‘My Heaven’ in Japan, had a photoshoot for a men’s fashion magazine ‘Arena’ with world famous photographer Terry Richardson.

Big Bang members first introduced themselves with brief English before a photoshoot began at a studio located at Kangnam, Seoul. When Terry turned on a Michael Jackson song, Taeyang responded with a Michael Jackson dance. While TOP was doing an action of spitting out flower petals , Terry kept saying “good, good,” and went on with the harmonious atmosphere throughout the photoshoot.

Terry Richardson added ‘freedom’ and ’sexiness’ on top of each member’s natural ‘color’ for their styles during s shoot, then he appeared as a model for a June cover of ‘Arena’ to capture a memory they made and shared during a shoot.

After photoshoot, Daesung said, “The photo concept was sensual so I was a bit surprised, but I finished it well. I think I can be sexier if I get another chance.” G-Dragon said, “I really wanted to be in front of his camera because I really like Terry’s photos. My wish finally came true today,” and smiled happily.

Terry Richardson quoted, “I will never forget about Big Bang’s pureness. I don’t like typical and fixed things. They looked more like playful boys rather than superstars,” during an interview with ‘Arena.’

‘Arena’ with Big Bang’s cover and their photos will be released on the 20th.

By: big bangkorean.wordpress.com

Big Bang doing ARENA | Big Bang 2% CFs | TOP’s kiss scene in 19???

Big Bang is endorsing 2% water, and they’re doing a CF base on the concept of bloodtype. Tabi is bloodtype B, and is the playa, he gets close to the girl… about to kiss her? no… smudge her lips hahaha then pushed Baby out of the way kakak he said “Love is a game”. Bong and Baby are both bloodtype A, so they’re in this together, with Bong being all sexily depressed while Baby is being cute, so I think it’s about Bong loving his friend’s girl. aww…Bae is bloodtype B, the cold hearted one, leave the girl just like that. Dae bloodtype O (MINE too!) and he’s the cute one, awww…. he look so cute, then he start to cry, probably first time ever I saw Dae do that.

Big Bang 2% CFs

TOP’s Kiss Scene in ‘19′???
It was a almost kiss in the 2% CF, but what about the upcoming film Tabi and Baby will starred in, “19″ we don’t know if there will BE a kiss scene, but these previews………..hm… take a look, steamy.

By: bigbangkorean.wordpress.com

Big Bang’s Costumes for Charity

YG Entertainment announced, “From the 11th, in line with ‘Family’s Month of May’, Big Bang’s stage costumes and clothes will be sold for charity. They will be sold through internet live charity sale (Ssaeng Ssaeng Live) on 14th May.”

“All the proceeds of this 2nd charity project, together with the ‘WITH’ project, will go to teenagers in need.”

Fashionista Big Bang has also all this while influenced much of the fashion trend of young Koreans with their sense of fashion and music. Because they want to put their performing clothes to better use, they have refused several other proposals before this.

40 sets from when they were performin ‘Lies’, ‘Last Farewell’, ‘Haru Haru’ and ‘Sunset Glow’ will be sold from 11th to 24th May. Each set of clothes will have Big Bang’s autograph on it.

Big Bang, “We are very happy and excited that our clothes can be used for such a good cause. Since this is for the benefits of everyone, we hope many people will participate in this charity sales.”

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Japanese Single to release on May 13th

It is set that Big Bang will release their new Japanese single on 13th, and will hope a press conference on 13th in Japan Tokyo.

Currently, all the Big Bang members are heading to Japan to prepare for their promtional activities to start. This is the first album they will release after signing with Universal music.

The songs in the single will be mainly sang in English, but there will also be songs sang in Japanese in it. The album will be revealed together with the press conference.

YG Entertainment also added that they will be much more active in Japan as compared to last year.

*I want to listen their new song for Japan...

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Music Japan TV Countdown

Music Japan TV Countdown aired on May 9th.
Rain is fallin is at #1 spot this week!
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Music companies like SM-YG-JYP for ‘Korea Music Power Project’

Music production companies like SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment etc will come together for a press conference regarding the amendment of copyright laws and contents circulation.

These large-scale companies, with the support of Korean Entertainment Productions Association and sponsorship of KMP (Korea Music Power), will hold the ‘Korea Music Power Project’ press conference on 14th May at 2pm at SeJong Arts Centre hall.

At the press conference that day, the companies will talk their stand on supporting and promoting music awards based on fair charts, support of public welfare projects like Dream Concert, and common damage that media politics businesses bring.

Representatives of Lion, Star Empire, JYP, SM, YG, together with the directors from Korea Entertainment Production Association will be present at the press conference.

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A production announcement press conference was held on 12th May in Seoul GooRoDong 9th Avenue for the upcoming KBS drama ‘IRIS’.

The main cast Lee Byung Hun, Kim Tae Hee, Big Bang TOP, Kim So Yeon and Kim Seung Woo were present at the press conference.

‘IRIS’ is said to be the best anticipating drama of year 2009 with its famous cast.

Lee Byung Hun acts as Hyun Joon who is works for NSS investigating a great national conspiracy. Kim Tae Hee acts as SeungHee who also work for the NSS. Whie Kim So Yeon acts as Kim Seon Hwa who works as both a staff at NSS and also a operation agent in the drama.

Also Kim Seung Woo acts as a North Korea escort team leader while TOP plays a cruel killer in the show.

The show is set to be 20 billion KRW in the making, and its cast will bring the viewers through action and romance scenes with the backdrop of Asia and European countries.

The drama is set to air in the latter half of the year in September.

Translation on the interview with TOP:

TOP talks about the difficulty in acting for this drama.

He said during the press conference, “The truth is that I had a lot of pressure doing this drama. At first, it was a lot of pressure on me, but then now it is more like a great sense of responsibility. I take the role in the drama very seriously and I also learnt a lot from the senir actors. It is great that I can show a different side of me through this drama.”

This is the first adult role taken up by TOP since his drama on KBS ‘I am Sam’. He said, “I act as a teenager in the drama ‘I am Sam’ in 2007 but with this drama I’m acting as a killer. I did preparations myself and also learnt along the way from the seniors around. I’m very excited about being able to show a new image of myself to the Korean and Japanese fans.”

“Of course there are difficulties to this role too. From what I see, the character is very different from myself in actual. Hence it is tough acting as a cruel killer.”

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Activities in Japan to kick off soon

Big Bang GDragon, who has been on an Europe trip recently, has ended the trip on 10th May.

After he ended the vacation, he headed straight for Japan to start on promotional activities like going on broadcast programmes etc.

YG Entertainment said on the 12th, “GDragon will go straight from Europe to Japan. He is currently in Japan and preparing to start promotional activities. When he will return to Korea, we have not decided yet.”

GDragon was on the Europe trip both as a getaway and also to study fashion for his upcoming album postponed to August.

*I'm waiting for his new album!

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KBS ‘Entertainment Weekly’ apologized to GDragon!

KBS show ‘Entertainment Weekly’, which has recently angered Big Bang fans with mistaking the composer to Big Bang song ‘Lies’ as the Brave Brothers instead of GDragon, has made an official apology.

They wrote an article on their viewers noticeboard on 11th May with the title ”To inform”. In the post it was written, “There is an error in the caption on our show on 9th May where we put up a caption saying ‘Lies (Big Bang) – Braves Brothers composition’.”

The production group said, “The song ‘Lies’ is composed by Big Bang member GDragon which it is arranged by the Brave Brothers. Our production group will be more prudent and pay more attention to such details in the future.”

*T_T i hope they don't do this on next TIME...

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Info on BigBang Japanese Single Album: My Heaven

  1. On May 13th Big Bang’s single for their Japanese album will be released.
  2. On June 24th the single album will come out. The name of the single album is ‘My Heaven”. There will be three versions of the album released.
  3. The Korean site where this was posted says that ‘My Heaven’ is the Japanese, yes Japanese not English, version of ‘Heaven’, as you might’ve already guessed.

Version 1# CD

Track info:

1. My Heaven

2. Emotion

3. My Heaven(Remix)

Version #2 CD

Track info:

1. My Heaven

2. Emotion

3. Candle(remix)

Version #3 CD+DVD

Track info:

1. My Heaven

2. Emotion

3. My Heaven(Remix)

DVD with making of My Heaven music video

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Big Bang’s 2009 NII Summer Collection Photoshoot

I had this thing on so loud, Tabi rapping to ‘Wonderful’ scared the crap out of me when I first saw it, then I saw him and his lip pouting self… AWW… how freaking adorable can he be?? Then I spot Bae playing baseball with Baby.. aww… if you haven’t notice lately (or ever since mid-January) Baby gotten buff, his upper power strength have gotten a lot more stronger now. Maybe Bae helped him with his excercise and stuff, these two does look a lot more closer now.

DANG!!!!!! These boys… just every shot, every pose, every mose, every freaking frame… they just look delicious… I wanna be in the box… badly haha and of course, Bong would be the one who fit in the tiny box.

TA-RI!!!!! DId ya see it?? and also Bae-Ri too~… oh……. my man is getting popular.

OMG!! THe props are so freaking cute!!! They know how to be hot then they know how to be cute…. = dead fangirls.


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Most Popular Singers, First Half of 2009: BigBang & SNSD

Groups Big Bang and So Nyeo Shi Dae are the most popular singers for the first half of 2009.

A marketing research agency Leespr did a survey amongst 1,334 Koreans from age 13-65 for the whole month of March, and survey results showed that groups Big Bang and So Nyeo Shi Dae were the most popular singers for the first half of year 2009.

Male Singer Category

Big Bang who recently released their new book ‘Shouting To You In The World’ won the #1 position for the popularity in the category of male singers. They were voted as the representative male group in Korea.

The ranking:
  1. Big Bang
  2. Rain
  3. Dong Bang Shin Ki
  4. Super Junior
  5. Lee Mon Sae

Others on Top 10: SS501, Jo Yong Pil, Lee Seung Chul, Kim Gun Mo, SG Wannabe.

Female Singer Category

For the female singers category, So Nyeo Shi Dae, who brought about the ‘Gee’ craz for the first half of this year, was voted #1 for top popularity.

  1. SNSD
  2. WonderGirls
  3. Lee Hyo Ree
  4. JanYoon Jeong
  5. Baek Ji Young
  6. KARA
  7. Son DamBi
  8. Davichi
  9. BOA

Well, the 2nd half of 2009 will be more interesting than the first. We have newcomers like 2NE1, T-ara, IU; and comebacks like So Nyeo Shi Dae, Lee Hyori, SS501, Big Bang and Se7en

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GD’s Europe vacation might end sooner than expected?

G-Dragon Back to Korea This Weekend at the Earliest, Doing Well in Europe
Big Bang’s G-Dragon (Real Name Kwon JiYong), who left to vacation in Europe recently, is enjoying the vacation to the fullest and having a happy time.

YG Entertainment said in a phone call with Newsen on the 7th, “Starting from the UK and going around Europe, G-Dragon is taking a break. We have received word that he is doing very well. We have not set a precise date for him to come back to Korea, but at the earliest, he could comeback this weekend.”

G-Dragon left for Europe a while ago. Yang Hyun Seok has recently revealed through the official homepage that G-Dragon had spent day-to-day being busy after Big Bang’s debut, and as a result of that, his mind was worn out, and the solo album which was projected to be in April was postponed. Yang was also worried because G-Dragon had symptoms that were similar to depression indicating that he was in a sort of slump.

However, YG Entertainment said, “He was back to his normal self before he went to Europe,” and “Although he may be somewhat fatigued, his mind and body has gotten better.”

On the internet, a picture of G-Dragon having a joyful time in Europe attracted a lot of attention.
Also, YG Entertainment asserts that “G-Dragon is keeping up his good condition to the point that fans will not have to worry,” and “In the future as well, we ask for lots of encouragement.”

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BigBang GDragon’s Cameo appearance!

Big Bang GDragon, who have been said to have slight depression and is currentlyon his Europe vacation, has a special appearance on 2NE1’s new MV.

2NE1 released the MV to their debut single ‘Fire’ on the 6th. In the MV, GDragon had a cameo appearance. He was seen swinging his head and moving comically to the lyrics ‘ChalRang ChalRang’ in the song.

It was previously mentioned in YG’s message on how GDragon has been having a hard time coping with work and had been down with slight depression a while back. Fans’ responses to his cameo appearance have been welcoming too.

His solo album will be released in August.
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