G-Dragon and New Miss Korea Sitting In A Tree

No, no. They aren't k-i-s-s-i-n-g. But they are, in fact, very good friends! After Kim Joo Ri won her title as the 2009 Miss Korea Jin, netizens whipped out their stalking skills and found out that G-Dragon of Big Bang and Kim Joo Ri are very good friends.YG Entertainment confirmed the fact by saying, "After checking with G-Dragon who is currently in Japan right now, it is confirmed that he is friends with Kim Joo Ri. Nothing other than their friendship was confirmed, but he did tell us that they have not been in contact due to busy schedules."

"Thanks To, Kim Joo Ri" was listed on Big Bang's First Album, which stirred up quite a scandal among the netizens. Not only that, when Big Bang's album was released, Kim Joo Ri congratulated G-Dragon on his minihomepage. So this begs the question, How do they know each other? Quite Simple, They went to the same high school, and their love friendship grew from there.

I smell jealous fangirls!

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