2NE1 going for quality over quantity with 'I don't care'

2NE1’s Mini Album Jacket Shoot BTS

YG Entertainment, once again, doesn’t want to take the standard “same choreography but different outfits” route that most idol groups take when they perform on multiple music programs. Instead, YG wants to have 2NE1 perform ‘I Don’t Care’ on only one music program a week with different choreography for each performance, which the girls will diligently practice the whole week leading up to their performances.

2NE1’s 1st mini-album will be released on the 8th of July and their comeback performance will take place on KBS’s Music Bank on July 10th. For their Music Bank comeback performance, 2NE1 will be singing ‘I Don’t Care’ as well as ‘Pretty Boy.’

The one performance a week method that YG has adopted for 2NE1 is simple, yet brilliant. Fans appreciate 2NE1’s music show appearances more and it makes their performances truly special because of the quality over quantity factor plus it builds up a monstrous mountain of hype for 2NE1. I’m really looking forward to 2NE1’s comeback on Music Bank this week and I’m curious to see what pedotastic dance moves Minzy has to offer this time around. The pedo-force is strrrooonnng with this one. Wait a second… What am I saying? Minzy is slowly moving me over to the dark side of the pedo-force and I’m not too comfortable with it. I think I should prepare myself before I watch 2NE1’s comeback by taking a long cold shower to cool off my lightsaber and frighten it away like a turtle that has retreated to its shell.

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