Big Bang performs on Music Station and Interview [Updated with HD Video]

Big Bang Yoyogi Park Event
VIP's were excited about Big Bang's scheduled performance of "Gara Gara Go" on today's Music Station and they did VIP's proud by performing live with a Bang. The performance was good, the stage looked cool with various lighting in the background, the boys had good live vocals, and simple but effective dancing. Hopefully more Japanese people will be interested in them after watching this performance, Watch the performance below:

An interview with Big Bang, Credits: mican*@bbvipz, 그놈@bbvipz, Translations: bbjet@ygbb, and shared by KPOP JJANG:


──Right now, you’re working coming between Korea and Japan.
SOL(AKA S) Yes, that’s right.

──Do you have any Japanese places you found that you like?
G-DRAGON(AKA G) Here (unit record company). Since we come here often, it feels as if it’s our house.

──Living in Japan, something you haven’t gotten used to?
G As expected, language. It feels stuffy not being able to communicate. But because 1 month hasn’t passed since we came to Japan, it’s more that we don’t know, rather than we haven’t gotten used to it. For example, if we don’t know the streets, there’s a lot of discomfort regarding that but people around us have been helping us, so we’re getting by.

──Of the opposite, what’s something that fits so well that you can say, “I might be Japanese?”
G Shopping. Shopping is totally OK (laugh).
D-LITE(AKA D) And food. Japanese food fits my taste. It’s good.

──Japanese food you like the most?
D I like it all, but I like especially fish and seafood.

──Korea has a lot of seafood too, right?
D That’s right. There’s a lot, but since the place is different, the food is also a little different.

──What do you think about the Japanese music scene?
S I felt that Japan is a music market that prides itself in the world after I came to Japan, and I thought there’s really a wide variety of genres of music. For me, when I’m searching for CD’s of different music genres, Japan is quick with new albums, and is great for shopping. Also, there’s a lot of chances to see overseas artists’ performances. In that way, I’m feeling that we’re moving forward to win or lose earnestly.

──You say that this major debut single 『MY HEAVEN』was a favored song in Korea.
G It was part of an album that we released in Korea. In Korea, it has the title “Heaven,” and this song received love from everyone outside of the title song. When we were thinking at the time of our Japanese major debut, what song would stimulate everyone’s hearts, we thought of this song. It has emotion, it was touching, and a melodious song, so we thought Japanese people might like it for sure. The Korean “Heaven” has lyrics that are bright. However, Japan’s “My Heaven” was made to have lyrics that were touching and sad, so it’s different in that way too.

──This song was arranged by G-DRAGON, what did you have in mind as the point?
G I put the most effort in putting in a melody that fit well with the track. Also, I thought having the song and melody together, not separate, was important as well.

──What was singing in Japanese like?
G At first, it was hard because I didn’t know the meaning of the lyrics. However, I practiced because I wanted to transfer a right feeling to everyone. I thought that from now on, I should work harder.

──Weren’t you surprised or anything like that at the difference of the groove that comes with language?
T.O.P(AKA T) Since I didn’t think that pronunciation had anything to do with giving life to the groove, so in that aspect, I had no real difficulties that were worth pointing out. However, it was difficult in the way that I wanted to make something that when Japanese people heard it, they would think, “Oh, that’s not bad.” When we were singing, if we thought that we were slacking on the accent or pronunciation of a part, we practiced that part over and over and then recorded it.

──Thoughts about『EMOTION』?
V.I(AKA V) We thought that was a club sound. Something that would work on the floor. At any rate, I think it’s a song that when you listen to it, you get attracted to it by the beat or the sound.

──The lyrics, quite sexy, it’s a song that shows the inside of the mind with feeling.
T Look, we’re sexy (laugh). Since we’re cool (laugh).

──Out of the 5 members, who fits the best with this song’s lyrics?
S (In a joking manner) It’s V.I.(laugh)
V Kekeke (bitter smile)

──Does that mean that the most handsome is V.I. (Laugh)
T Because he’s cool.
G (In Japanese) “Precisely” (Laugh).

──What did you think of when making your 2nd single『Gara Gara GO!!』
G When we release something in Korea, we always think that we want to show a new, different side to everyone. Because of that, we promote without hindrance to genre, and we thought we should do that in Japan as well. So,『MY HEAVEN』had a quite cozy melody, but we thought our 2nd song should have a strong rhythm to it. So making that difference, we wanted to show ourselves.
V With the song as well, for『Gara Gara GO!!』we tried to make it so that the listener can listen to it feeling happy. So that we can bring life to the exciting rhythm of that song.

──『TOP OF THE WORLD』is a calm, medium tempo R&B song.
G Outside of the R&B-like parts, I think that there’s inklings of hip-hop in it too. Also, there’s a dark feeling to it too.

──After these 2 works, your first album is finally being revealed in August. Are you working earnestly on the album now?
G That’s right. We are in the midst of producing.
S When our schedules for the day end, we go straight to the recording studio. Recently, every day is pretty crazy (bitter smile).
T Yesterday, we stayed up all night recording, too.

──What do you think it will be about?
S We’re busily in the middle of producing, but since August is summer, we’re including a lot of songs with a strong beat that will make the listener happy when listening to it during summer.
G Since we chose a lot of songs that we ourselves liked, I’m sure that listeners will like it too.
T This album is great. I have a lot of confidence in it. (in Japanese) “Precisely” (laugh)

──Lastly, we request a message to your Japanese fans.
S We’re having a major debut this time, but to the fans who watched us before that, in the Indies days, we want to keep promoting to meet the expectations of our Japanese fans. Please look forward to us.
T This time, because we’ll be staying in Japan for a long time, there will be a lot of chances for us to meet Japanese fans. We also think that it will be great if we can perform on a lot of stages in Japan, so we’re anxious. Also, more than anything, we want to surprise fans! I want to surprise everyone so they will stop and think, “Up until now, there were a lot of Korean singers who promote in Japan, but in Korea there’s this kind of singer!”

──Becoming BIG in Japan as well, it would be good if you could eat lots of yummy Japanese seafood.
D No, we already ate a lot. (laugh)
T That’s right. (in Japanese) “Tuna!” I really like it! (laugh)

VIEW: SOL from T.O.P
Q: T.O.P., what do you think of SOL?
●His heart is really warm, and wide. Sometimes, he really rebukes someone else.
Q: What’s good about SOL’s “voice when singing”?
●I think he gives life to the powerful groove. He’s showing his influence of African music, which are his roots, in music.
Q: What’s SOL’s role in the group?
●In the group, the mom.

Q: SOL, what do you think of G-DRAGON?
●G-Dragon is fresh and clean. He’s cool, and warm at the same time.
Q: What’s attractive about G-DRAGON’s “voice”?
●High tone
Q: What’s G-DRAGON’s role in the group?
●The group’s leader. Someone who commands people, especially V.I. In other words, a necessity for V.I. to grow properly.

Q: G-DRAGON, what do you think of V.I.?
●Something like a cute dongsaeng. However, when I’m near him, I get tired because there’s too many things to pay attention to. (laugh)
Q: What’s attractive about V.I.’s “voice”?
●To the point where you would think, “Did he change his voice?” I think he’s showing a voice to that of a boy.
Q: What’s V.I.’s role in the group?
●In charge of being the maknae. Someone who gives you energy. He takes it even when I tease him a lot (laugh).

Q: V.I., what do you think of D-LITE?
●He’s really bright, and pays attention to every little detail, with no carelessness.
Q: What’s attractive about D-LITE’s “voice”?
●Thick, and because it has weight to it, it’s deep. A necessary voice for BIGBANG that’s sort of like a pillar that holds it up.
Q: What’s D-LITE’s role in the group?
●Sort of a mood maker. A happy virus that makes other people around him happy.

Q: D-LITE, what do you think of T.O.P.?
●Even though he’s the oldest of the members, he stays close to the people younger than him and without any barrier between, he cares for you. A very warm person.
Q: What’s attractive about T.O.P.’s “voice”?
●Mid-low pitch. If you hear it once, you can’t forget it. It has that much individuality to it.
Q: What’s T.O.P.’s role in the group?
●A joking character. When we’re doing something next to him, he goes and raps or something. (laugh)

──Congratulations on your Japanese debut!
SOL(AKA S) The debut song 『MY HEAVEN』 is a collaboration by G-DRAGON and Japanese DJ DAISHI DANCE, who he liked before. We decided on this song as the debut song because it had the best response during last year’s tour.

──Aren’t Korean fans lonely because you moved on to Japan?
G-DRAGON(AKA G) Everyone’s supporting our Japanese debut, and since my album’s coming out soon, it’s okay!
D-LITE(AKA D) Right now in Korea, our commercial is having more than 10 editions, too.

──How did you prepare for your Japanese debut?
S First, it was studying Japanese. However, the only people that can speak in Japanese are V.I, D-LITE, and myself, and the rest can listen, but they can only speak a little bit.
T.O.P(AKA T) We decided to speak only in Japanese as much as we can with the staff.

──You are living together.
S In Korea, all of us lived together in a dorm but in Japan, it’s like a mansion.
Renting three rooms, D-LITE and I, G-DRAGON and V.I., TOP and the manager are together. The manager does everyone’s laundry. For food, there’s always a traitor, so for health purposes, we eat Korean food.
V.I(AKA V) We all have different habits when sleeping. D-LITE is always in the same position until morning. SOL wakes up right away when there’s any sort of noise. For me, my head and my feet totally switch positions.
G When I fall asleep, I don’t wake up. Even in the morning, I can’t wake up. (Laugh)

──Whose room is most clean?

──Tell us everyone’s personalities. How about D-LITE?
V He’s bright, and a mood maker.
S Somehow, he’s really like a celebrity. With lots of secrets.

──Tell us your secret!
D Not going to the bathroom. Since I’m a celebrity. (Laugh)

──How about SOL?
D He’s accurate about every matter, and tries hard even to the little things.
V Because his thoughts about music are deep, on the stage his charisma is great!

──Does SOL have any secrets?
S My hair doesn’t grow even after a few years! (laugh)
T Because his hair is a figure (Laugh)

──What about V.I.?
V To tell the truth, lately my bowels have been very weak…. (all laugh). This is a big problem!
D He thinks of the stuff that other members can’t think of. He’s a cute maknae.

D When he sings or acts, he’s really cool, and in daily life, he’s a hyung.
V He has humor.

──What about G-DRAGON?
D He’s the leader, and he’s strict about work, but he tells us good things.
V He’s really keen about the mood, so he knows right away when you did something wrong. The reason my stomach hurts is probably G-DRAGON’s fault. (laugh)
G I always treat you very nicely!!

──What might have changed from the time of debut?
G When we were rookies, we just worked hard, but now, we have no freedom, so it would be nice if we could think of the future. I think we grew psychologically.
T As much as we experienced over a short period of time, I think we grew quickly too. We had a lot to learn about human relations, and I think one by one we got deeper and more meticulous.

──All of you are adults~
T I’m a baby (laugh)

──A message to your fans.
G Please listen to our music and come to watch our concert. You can know BIGBANG

Where Inside Thoughts Are Revealed?! Intuition Q&A

① What’s the first thing you think of regarding to summer? BIGBANG! Perfect for summer.
② Thoughts about Japanese fans? They’re serious. They study and send us letters in Korean, and they’re like wives who support their husbands.
③ An artist you like? MGMT
④ The female type you like? I want to meet Aoi Yu. I’ll try hard!
⑤ What kind of date do you want? With the feeling of「I’m dating this person!」, I want to hold their hand openly and go to the amusement park.
⑥ Which side, S or M? Extreme S (Laugh)
⑦ If the members were a family who would you be? Dad

① What’s the first thing you think of regarding to summer? Wake board
② Thoughts about Japanese fans? They’re really nice. For me, they wait all day and give me a letter or a gift. They’re really magnificent!
③ An artist you like? Michael Jackson
④ The female type you like? A person who understands me and really likes me
⑤ What kind of date do you want? I want to do something normal such as watching a movie.
⑥ Which side, S or M? To be honest, I’m not either.
⑦ If the members were a family who would you be? Mom

① What’s the first thing you think of regarding to summer? Gara Gara GO!! Together bikini~ (laugh)
② Thoughts about Japanese fans? They’re not any different from Korean fans
③ An artist you like? Ryan Leslie
④ The female type you like? BIGBANG!
⑤ What kind of date do you want? A wine date. And I want to put an olive in her mouth (laugh)
⑥ Which side, S or M? It’s not S or M, since we’re YG Family, it’s surely YG?
⑦If the members were a family who would you be? Baby

① What’s the first thing you think of regarding to summer? Sea, hot spring
② Thoughts about Japanese fans? They’re meticulous, and they’re pretty when they laugh.
③ An artist you like? Maxwell
④ The female type you like? People who have a pretty smile. Speaking of celebrities, I started liking Takeuchi Yuko after seeing the movie “Be With You (いま、会いにゆきます, 지금, 만나러 갑니다)
⑤ What kind of date do you want? A world vacation.
⑥ Which side, S or M? It’s fun watching V.I. suffer at the hands of the other members, so it might be S!
⑦ If the members were a family who would you be? Older sister

① What’s the first thing you think of regarding to summer? Watermelon
② Thoughts about Japanese fans? About 1-2 years ago, I thought they were really quiet and calm, but recently, they shout at events, so I think they are quite passionate.
③ An artist you like? Justin Timberlake, Oasis
④ The female type you like? Amuro Namie. Especially her dance style.
⑤ What kind of date do you want? I want to dance together! I would like the waltz or a formal dance.
⑥ Which side, S or M? M
⑦ If the members were a family who would you be? A half brother or a cute dog.

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