GDYB on SBS Gayo Daejun Rehearsal

YG Family....!!


LOVE GD New Hairstyle.....^^

Credit:디지뱅★ @BBVIPZ Reuploaded: Smile@BBVIP.NET

Big Show 2010 Concept Photo

I've been posting an article about BB next concert, a weeks ago. And I've been posting the pict of Japan Concert banner. Actually i got the concept photo of Big Show 2010.

If you want to take out the pict. please take with Full Credit

Reupload : aleee@ibigbang

Big Bang Big Show Concert Spot

Can't wait for the concert!!!
Source: ibigbang, allkpop

Big Bang Next Concert

Anyeong............Finally i'm back. Sorry before. I told you that i'd update my blog on Friday last week*_*. I think i broke my promise. Really sorry.


Maybe you ever read an articles that Big Bang will held a Concert on Japan. It was confirmed by YG's Official Japan site. They also revealed the details of this concert. There will be a total of 4 concert.

The Concert start from February 10th.
  • February 10th @ Yokohama arena
  • February 11th @ Yokohama arena
  • February 13th @ Kobe world hall
  • February 16th @ Budokan
The performances on February 10th and 16th start at 7:00pm and the ones onFebruary 11th and 13th start at 6:00pm.

For more information check :
Big Bang also held a concert in Korea in January.

The article:

'Big Bang will be back in Korea for a 40K audience strong concert after 1 year nextJanuary for ‘2010 Big Bang Concert Big Show’.

Coming 29th January to 31st January, the group will be holding 3 concert performances in Seoul Olympic Stadium. Big Bang has been holding annual concert performances every year since their debut, and 30 concert performances so far all sold-out concerts – they are known to have strong concert branding.

Especially for this concert, domestic fans will get to see the 5 members come together to perform again in Korea after doing solo and Japanese promotions all this while, and it is expected that there will be great competition for the ticket sales.
This year,
Big Bang leader G-Dragon released and did promotions for his solo album ‘Heartbreaker’; SeungRi also released ‘Strong Baby’ and was busy with musicals like ‘Shouting’; member TaeYang recently released solo digital singles ‘Where U At’and ‘Wedding Dress’; while TOP has been busy with drama filmings like ‘IRIS’; lastly member DaeSung has been prominent in the variety scene with appearances on ‘Family Outing’ – all 5 members have been showing their charms through various activities all this while.

With such dynamics in the group members, this upcoming concert is expected to show more synergy and showcasing the ‘Big Bang’ effect of the group.

Because the group has been doing solo activities for the past 1 year, they have also been working hard on coming out with ideas for their group performances for this concert for fans who have been waiting for the group to come together to perform on the stage together.

YG Entertainment said, “Whenever it is year-end or beginning of the year, we always get questions like ‘Where is Big Bang going to do their concert this year”, already Big Bang’s concert has become an annual event and the title ‘Big Show’ has got its strong concert branding. And we want to present to fans high-quality concert performances every year. ‘2010 Big Bang Concert Big Show’ will of course be show an upgrade from last year’s Big Show in terms of audio and video facilities, costumes and stage sets. We will work hard to meet the expectations of our music fans.”

Meanwhile, the ticket sales to ‘2010 Big Bang Concert Big Show’ will open in 3 windows from 28th till 30th December on GMarket'

Cre: ibigbang, Kbites


Hey, this is from author!! I'm sorry i'm not posting or update any news for 2 months[maybe...^^]. I on exam now!! So please understand. Maybe i will started to posting on Friday this week. Thank's for who still visiting my blog. Maybe you really boring because THERE's No more news...^^

So, see ya on Friday!!


Random New's : Swine Flu, SHINee, Park Bom, Big Bang, G Dragon, f(x), & Super Junior - M

Hi long time no see! I have many kind of news. Maybe you all already know the news, but no problem. I just want to share it with you all.

Swine Flu:
Maybe you all have known that Jonghyun[SHINee] was got swine flu, but he already full recovered. He was diagnosed by two weeks ago. All fans got shocked. Me too. When, i read the article, i think about SHINee's Ring Ding Dong promotion. I think they will promote it with 4 member only. But, Yseung[Super Junior] like to help his junior to promote that song. So he had sing all Jonghyun's part. I really like their performance with Yesung.

Ring Ding Dong [SHINee ft. Yesung]

Even tough their just perform with 4 member and Yesung, SHINee's Ring Ding Dong can beat the other artist on k-chart. When Jonghyun was full recovered, some fans are very happy. They start think, that SHINee can perform with all 5 members. But, on November 7th, Onew was diagnosed of swine flu. Really shocked! Onew was diagnosed after he got a fever. Poor him. The other member, Taemin, Key, & Minho had test and they are not infected. Nice to hear. Until now, Onew still treat and resting. Hope he will get well soon.

SHINee still promote Ring Ding Dong, with 4 member. But, they are have to thank's to their senior. Once again, their senior help them to promote the song. At the time the perform Ring Ding Dong with Super Junior's leader, Leeteuk.

Ring Ding Dong [SHINee ft. Leeteuk]

And all you have known they won the Mutizen. Congratulation to SHINee...! f(x) also dance to Ring Ding Dong in the encore. How nice is it??

Park Bom Solo:
One of 2NE1 member had a new solo single, she is Park Bom. After Sandara, now it's Bom turn. She released her solo single with title 'You and I'.

You and I [Park Bom] MV

You and I [Park Bom] Performance

Big Bang:
Now i have an information about my FAVORITE GROUP, Big Bang. Long time i'm not post any news about Big Bang. Because of their solo activities and Daesung recovered. Happy to see they back with new single, but still on Japan. They are not have any activities on Korea as a group. They still busy with solo activities. GD and Taeyang still busy promoting their new album. GD had release 4 MV from his album, they are Heartbreaker, Breathe, Butterfly, and the last A Boy. I think YG support GD solo album. He also prepare his Solo Concert and the ticket has SOLD OUT!. Taeyang already released 'Where u At' MV and still prepare for 'Wedding Dress' MV. TOP and Seungri still busy with their drama activities. TOP still with 'Iris'. Big Bang also released OST. of 'Iris' with title 'Hallelujah'. Seungri have a drama with TOP, with title '19'. Daesung i don't really know about him, but maybe he is prepare his solo album too.

Big Bang new single on Japan is 'Let me hear your voice[Koe wo kikasete]'. They already released the MV. That song is the third single on Japan and also OST. of Japan drama, Ohitorisama. They also released 'Ora yeah!'. They have been perform that song.

Big Bang [Let me hear your voice] Performance

Still waiting with their Korea album....^^

A Boy [G dragon] MV

It's girl group time. I have some news from SM ent. Rookie girl group, f(x). f(x) has release their new album with title Chu~. Chu~ is f(x) new single too. They already released the MV of the song. They have perform that song from 6th-8th November. But, they can't beat their senior SHINee.

Chu~ [f(x)] MV

Chu~ [f(x)] Performance

Super Junior - M

I'm just give you their new single, Blue Tomorrow.

Blue Tomorrow [Super Junior - M] MV

Cre: YouTube[sment, nice8523, kpopfied, SimplyyEntertaiment, SSYY008, & taijizero1], allkpop, koreanindo, BB-Fansite, and K-bites.

Random New's : BEAST & SHINee

Today i make some news become one news. I don't know what to post to today. There's many news until today... I can't post it one by one. So, i make it in one post.

A new boyband of Korea that i like their song. Their song title is 'Bad Girl'. It's a Good song. Even the song explain about sad story, but the music really fresh and fun. At the first time i saw them, i don't like them because i'm not heard their song yet. But, when my friend promote that song to me, now i like them. Their have good performance too. You all have known that one of their member is a former member from Big Bang, he is Jang hyun seung.

At the past Jang hyun seung was eleminated from Big Bang, because he is too shy and not ready. Actually maybe now Big Bang only have 4 member, because Seungri is not ready too. But, when YG made a second chance for them, Seungri was chosen as the last member of Big Bang.

Their song MV:


BEAST is new group, same as MBLAQ. You know that both of them always compete each other. When i was read about that two group, the title of news always written like 'Round 4 : MBLAQ vs. BEAST ...'. I think they written like that because of they has a debut on same time. So many people compare them.

SHINee Ring Ding Dong
I really like that song! They always make SURPRISE. SHINee has make comeback a month ago, with their new single, Ring Ding Dong. And they has won the K-chart on Music Bank and won mutizen on Inkigayo. How awesome is that?

@ Music Bank

@ Inkigayo

SHINee compete against SS501. SS501 has a new single too.

Cre: YouTube

Big Bang - Let me hear your voice [Koe wo kikasete] MV is out

The wait is finally over for Big Bang's third Japanese single! Although the quality is a little rough around the edges, it will have to do for now! Without a doubt it's a hot single! Check out "Let Me Hear Your Voice" right here:

Audio Full:


As previously reported, "Let Me Hear Your Voice" will be the opening song for the Japanese drama Ohitorisama. With Daesung fully recovered, can VIPs expect to see Big Bang in action in the days to come? I sure hope so! The track has won me over with its miniscule amounts of autotune and Big Bang always knows how to please the crowd whenever they perform, so the sooner they get back on stage, the better!

SHINee Ring Ding Dong Lyric + Performance

[Jonghyun] Baby
Negae banhae beorin naegae wae irae
Dureopdago mulleoseoji malgo
Geunyang naegae matgyeobwala eoddae
My lady

[Onew] Ring ding dong
Ring ding dong
Ring diggi dingdiggi
Ding ding ding (x2)
[Taemin] Ring ding dong
Ring ding dong
Ring diggi dingdiggi
Ding ding ding (x2)

[Key] Butterfly
Neoreul mannan chut sungan
Nooni beonjjeok meori ssak
Belli ding dong oolleosseo
[Onew] Nan malya meotjinnom chakhannom
Geureon nomeun anijiman
Nareumdaero gwaenchaneun bad boy

[Taemin] Neodo machi butterfly
Neomu yakhae ppajeosseo
Neomu soonhae ppajeosseo
Neol gyeotae dweoyagaesseo
[Jonghyun] Deoneun geokjeongma geokjeongma
Naman mideobomyeon dwaejana
Niga neomu mamae deuleo
Nochil su eopneun geol

*[All] Baby
Naega soomeul meomchool su oh crazy
Neomu yeppeo gyeondil su oh crazy
Neo animyeon pilyoeopda crazy
Na wae irae

So fantastic
So elastic

Fantastic (x4)
Elastic (x4)

[Onew] Ring ding dong
Ring ding dong
Ring diggi dingdiggi
Ding ding ding
([Taemin] _____ deullinda)

[Onew] Ring ding dong
Ring ding dong
Ring diggi dingdiggi
Ding ding ding
([Onew] Meorisokae oolinda)

[Taemin] Ring ding dong
Ring ding dong
Ring diggi dingdiggi
Ding ding ding
([Key] Nae gaseumae oolinda)

[Taemin] Ring ding dong
Ring ding dong
Ring diggi dingdiggi
Ding ding ding

[Jonghyun] I call you butterfly
Nali gamyeon galsurok
Mosi bakhyeo neoran geol
Haeyeonal su eopdaneun geol

[Key] Nareul seontaekhae (Dolikiji malgo)
Seontaekhae (Domanggaji malgo)
[Taemin] Negae ppajin baboin na
[Jonghyun] Nal chaekimjyeoya dwae


[Minho] Nan chakhadi chakhanjeunghugooni
Geollin neoreul ihae mot hagaetda
[Key] Neon gakkeumssik geureon gojung
Emijireul talpi italhaebwa gwaenchanda

[Onew] Break out ([Key] Hey! ) (x4)
Ring ding ding ding ding
Dong dong dong dong

[Jonghyun] Sashil nan bulanhae
Eoddeokhae nal boneunji
[Taemin] Eojjeomyeon eojjeomyeon
Naegae hogameul gatgo itneunji molla
[Onew] Etorok anjeolbujeol hal subbakae eopseo
[Jonghyun] Dolikil su eopneun geol

[Onew] Complicated girl
[Taemin] Jeoldae no lan daedaphaji ma
[Jonghyun] Na gwaenchaneun namjalan geol
[Taemin] Naega michyeobeolilji molla

[Key] Silly girl (Silly girl)
[Onew] You're my miracle (My miracle)
[Jonghyun] Neoman gajil su itdamyeon
Naegaen da pilyoeopneun geol


So fantastic
So elastic

Fantastic (x4)
Elastic (x4)

[Onew] Ring ding dong
Ring ding dong
Ring diggi dingdiggi
Ding ding ding
([Taemin] _____ deullinda)

[Onew] Ring ding dong
Ring ding dong
Ring diggi dingdiggi
Ding ding ding
([Onew] Meorisokae oolinda)

[Taemin] Ring ding dong
Ring ding dong
Ring diggi dingdiggi
Ding ding ding
([Key] Nae gaseumae oolinda)

[Taemin] Ring ding dong
Ring ding dong
Ring diggi dingdiggi
Ding ding ding



Taeyang solo single "Where U at" MV + SHINee "Ring Ding Dong" MV + Kim Yuna

Hello!! I'm back. Test is over.

Maybe you all have known Taeyang & SHINee new single. Taeyang were back with "Where U At" and SHINee with "Ring Ding Dong". The both of song is very fantastic! The dance and also the song. Taeyang always with his NICE DANCE and his powerfull voice. SHINee back with new look! They all have their new hairstyle.

Check it out...

This is a cut of Kim Yuna Perform.

Cre: YouTube.

Big Bang’s Coming Back to Japan?

With all the debuts and comebacks from various groups in the K-pop world, it isn't surprising that Japan will also be joining in with the frenzy! With two singles under their belt, rumors are that the fellas of Big Bang are set to make a comeback in Japan with their third single titled, Let Me Hear Your Voice (Koe Wo Kikasete), on November 4th, 2009. If you remember, Big Bang did not promote their previous single, Gara Gara Go!!, due to Daesung's injuries and pushed promotions until the end of the year.

Let Me Hear Your Voice is rumored to be the opening theme song for the upcoming Japanese drama, Ohitorisama (One Person). There have been conflicting reports that the title song for the drama is Am I Fallin' in Love? by Kitaguchi Kazusa. Big Bang's upcoming track is a love song that relates to the romantic comedy drama, which is about a female teacher who builds a relationship with a temporary male teacher 10 years younger than her. The song is composed by none other than 1TYM's Teddy Park and I'm sure he won't disappoint, especially after hearing Taeyang's new single. The drama is set to air on October 16th at 10 PM (Japan time) on TBS.

SHINee's Ring Ding Dong is out!

After much anticipation, boy band SHINee's RING Ding Dong is out online & we're loving it! Despite the dark & gloomy concept revealed in the boys' solo teasers, this song won't wear down your spirit at all.

Fangirls can breathe a sigh of relief, because RING Ding Dong isn't about Santa and "shiny" Christmas bells; as we reported earlier, the lyrics are about the the neurological effects of falling in love. The African congo inspired beats will no doubt be ringing in many fangirls' heads for weeks to come. Without further ado, check out SHINee's latest track, hot off the press!

2NE1 are not allowed to have a boyfriend for 5 years?

Earlier today, Popular girl group 2NE1 appeared on the Variety show Strong Heart. During a talking segment of the show, the subject of the founder of YG Entertainment, Yang Hyun Suk (YG) came up.

During this segment, leader CL declared that the "YG is too strict," that they aren't allowed to have a boyfriend for 5 years because that's what YG demanded verbally in their contract. MC Kang Do Hong replied with, "Then that means Sandara Park can't have a boyfriend until she's 31?" CL responded with, "Well, there might be a way around it. If the guy goes through YG's physical & health examination test."

Epik High front man Tablo responded jokingly to all this saying, "My fiancé is a YG Entertainment artist so does that mean I have need to pass this health examination too?" The other girls of 2NE1 said they bickered with YG over this and eventually got the years reduced from 5 to 3. CL responded with, "it'll give the unni's some hope."

Sandara Park said she found host MC Lee Seung Gi attractive, while Park Bom said her ideal type is Brian from Fly 2 The Sky. Minji & Brian does an erotic dance, CL sings with Insooni, 2NE1 performs with Boom, Minji dances with Seung Gi, and more, check out the 2NE1 cuts below...

Enjoy it!

Dream Concert 2009 -Part 2.-

Other video....

Big Bang perform: [Only Fancam]

2PM [Only FanCam]:

Cre: YouTube, allkpop

Dream Concert 2009 -Part 1.-


On 10 October 2 days ago, Dream Concert was implemented on Seoul World Cup Stadium. I like this concert, but i'm really disappointed because they not have an official broadcast of Big Bang. I really DISAPPOINTED! YG ent. said that Big Bang perform will not aired as an official broadcast because Big Bang will make a new album. But, some netizen think that it's because of Big Bang perform with Daesung.

this the video....Enjoy it!

Other video on the next posting...

Just from me[Author!]

Annyong.... Sorry for long time i can't post on this blog. I really wanted to posting many kind of news from Big Bang and other's boy/girl-band. But, now i'm still busy with my school activities. There are many task and homework until now. And this month i will take on middle school test. I'm really sorry.

Maybe i will searching for new authors. But, not now!

Big Bang Will comeback on TV!

Big Bang has been working hard on their Japan promotions as well as solo projects and are planning to return to the Korean scene on T.V! Sadly, not with a new album.

The five-member group will come back as part of the upcoming Chuseok special on SBS. This is a surprise appearance since they were not supposed to have Korean activities for most of 2009.

As many already knew, G-Dragon and 2NE1 performed on a special stage for the highly anticipated Idol Big Show, an episode to be revealed on October 3rd. This is a performance unlike any you have seen before! Are you excited?

As this is a pre-recorded performance, it has been reported that G-Dragon performed "Breathe", "Hello" with Dara, and "1 Year Station". Then 2NE1 followed up with "Fire" drum music/rhythmic version as well as "Let's Go Party" from their 1st Mini Album. "Let's Go Party" has not been performed live yet so that's definitely something to look forward to.

Then the surprise arrival of Big Bang had many fans shocked, because no one had any idea they were coming. They were there to support their fellow YG Family members, 2NE1 and their brother G-Dragon. The group sang "Last Farewell" with 2NE1 as well as their song, "How Gee". A freestyle dance battle with 2NE1 also occurred... Now that I'm looking forward to. Minzy and Taeyang? You know it's gonna be hot.

Wait till October 3rd for more coverage!

2NE1 on Sudden Attack???

Annyeong...i'm really happy cause i can post something now. But, i hate my internet network. Now, it always EROR! So, i want to finish my posting fast as usual.

Now, i have an information from 2NE1. Do you know Sudden Attack?? Maybe some of have known that. This is a game. Before i have a information about Big Bang which become a characters of this game. Now, 2NE1 will be the next characters for Sudden Attack. Wow! that's WONDERFUL!

Official Yoon Jang Yeol from GAMEHI - the service provider of Sudden Attack - revealed through CJ Internet on the 15th, 'We will be adding 2NE1 characters to Sudden Attack. 2NE1 will join Rain and Big Bang as the third celebrity characters in game. GAMEHI has specially inserted real voices of 2NE1 members, and are also allowing gamers to select the group's song 'Pretty Boy' as their background music in the game lobby.'

He also stated, "We are expecting good responses from the new addition of characters of popular group 2NE1 as there are many male users in Sudden Attack."

cre: allkpop , YouTube

Super Junior M Super Girl MV Relesed!

sorry 4 you who are a 'True ELF', because i was late for this information. This information comming from Super Junior M. Their new single 'Super Girl', the MV of the song was released.
I like this song, but i still confused with the language. Because i'm an Indonesian and i still learn. In this MV, there's Jessica of SNSD. I really shock because i was found the photo of them. And Jessica was standing beside Donghae. AGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha...^^

Super Junior,SNSD


Daesung will comeback!

It's been a long time comming, but i'm here now! to give a new information. This time the information comes from our 'GOOD SMILE' member from Big Bang, he is Daesung.
After his long break due to his operation from his car accident on 11th Agust. Daesung will make his comeback on SBS Family Outing.

On interview, the PD of SBS Family Outing said,"Daesung will be participating in the 21 - 22nd September recording of Family Outing in Jeju Island." As you know magnae of Big Bang, seungri was replace Daesung on late episode of Family Outing.

But, Daesung can't appear on Asian Song Festival with his group, Big Bang. Just 4 member will perform on that show.


I hope he will perform with Big Bang soon. And Give us his Powerfull Voice with Charming Smile. Daesungie...We all VIP miss you...^^

Super Junior M Super Girl Teaser

there's a miracle so i can post something in this blog again^^.

Now, the posting are about Super Junior M. You all have known due to SUper Junior comeback on this month. Of Course if they will comeback they already have a single. And maybe you all (who are fans of Super Junior) already know about they new single, SuperGirl.
Actually, i just give you the teaser. It's not realease yet.
everything was change in this MV. You can see all of the member have a new own hairstyle. Maybe the clothes not really change, because the clothes are similiar with SORRY SORRY clothes.

at first time i saw this video, i can't recognize Zhoumi. His Style is very similiar with Eunhyuk! hahaha....^^ But, Zhoumi have a greatfull height. Donghae looks very short, because of his clothes. Hope they will realease it soon.

vid: YouTube

f(x) - Lachata Lyric

I sori deul ryeo
Yeogi meosjin sugnyeosin sapundeul neom chyeo ah ah ah
Jaja mirji majiko
Modu hag inhae poa ipjangsoonseo neompeo yeah yeah yeah

Banjjak beonjeok Sound oneul Style joh in geol
Orhji jarhae deuri nareul ttari hanbeon deo gaja
Ape dwie eh yeope deul sauji malgota
Ijedae eussda junpi aeun ryo now everybody says

LA LA ireoh cha cha cha ro ah
Sindanda ya ~ lacha lacha lacha tata
Norae reul ttari mom da now everybody,
Neomu sipingji dadeul joha baby

Jeoteibeul araelo keunyeo haek deupaek sokedo
Kadeug nam chyeo yeah yeah yeah

Banjjak beonjeok Sound oneul Style joh in geol
Orhji jarhae deuri nareul ttara hanbeon deo gaja
Ape dwie eh yeope deul sauji malgota
Ijedae eussda junpi aeun ryo now everybody says

LA LA ireoh cha cha cha ro ah
Sindanda ya ~ lacha lacha lacha tata
Norae reul ttari mom da now everybody,
Neomu sipingji dadeul joha baby

C'mon C'mon C'mon C'mon baby
C'mon C'mon C'mon C'mon baby
C'mon C'mon C'mon C'mon baby come on
I jaeishan neukkim ttari kaja
Come come come come come on baby

Jarnal piryo eopseo issneun geudaero
Byeoj ban yeonseupman hamyeon doae
Orhji jalhae keurae keureohkae ttaraoa
Ije jinjja junpi aeunryo now everybody says

LA LA ireoh cha cha cha ro ah
Sindanda ya lacha lacha lacha tata
Norae reul ttara momdo ttara ka everybody says now
Neomu shipngji dadeul joha baby

LA LA ireoh cha cha cha ro ah
Sindanda ya lacha lacha lacha tata
Darae reul ttara sumdo ttara siua now everybody
Neomu shipngji nareul ttara baby

(Just move to the beat
It ain't that hard
Heat's rising up
Party's just begun
You don't have to be afraid, I'll show you how
Say it with me now LA chA TA TA
Going all night so live it up
Go with the music and have some fun
Put it on repeat
This is how we groove
Come on everybody
Show them how we do)

f(x) SM Rookie GirlGroup

sorry for long time no more news i have to post. Because of my school activity. i really busy now. maybe i just posting twice of a week.

Maybe all have known about f(x). This is a new group from SMent. I really like this group. they have made their first debut on 060909 @ MBC Music Core. With their Digital Single, Lachata. I really like that song. This group consist of 5 girls. They are:
  • Victoria : (Song Chieun) 1987.02.02 After her high school graduation, she was accepted to the prestigious Beijing Dance Academy and majored in Chinese ethnic dance. Victoria's outward appearance and skilled dancing caught the eyes of a talent agent during a dance competition that was held in Beijing in September 2007, and she was recommended to audition for SM Entertainment. She passed the auditions that same month and began preparing for her modeling career in South Korea.
    Victoria's first media appearance was for a Spris commercial in early 2008 with South Korean singer-actor Lee Jun-ki and nobrain. A Spris publicist noted, "While Victoria Song is just a rookie, she carries a lot of potential. Whether she decides for a modeling career or an acting career, I can see a bright future ahead of her. Having such an innocent and playful image, she is very suitable to model our company's brand." In April 2008, Victoria was signed to model for Samsung in a music video with Korean actor-singer Rain, and drew attention from the Chinese audience. She later appeared in the music videos of Kangta's "Eternity", Super Junior-M's "U", and SHINee's "Replay".
  • Krystal : (Jeong Sujeong) 1994.10.24 Krystal was born in San Francisco, California, where her family from Korea settled in the 1980's. During a family trip to South Korea in early 2000 when Krystal was 5, she was spotted by talent agency SM Entertainment, which earned her a cameo appearance in Shinhwa's "Wedding March" music video. The agency saw potential in Krystal and offered her singing and dancing lessons, opting to professionally train her in a singing career. However, the offer was turned down by her parents, reasoning that Krystal was too young. Instead, her parents allowed her older sister Jessica to join the agency, and Jessica debuted as a member of girl group Girls' Generation in August 2007.
    In 2002, Krystal began appearing in television commercials; she first appeared in a Lotte commercial with Korean actress Han Ga-in. In 2006, her parents allowed her to join SM Entertainment, and the agency enrolled her in dance classes, including hip hop and jazz.
  • Sulli : (Choi Seolri) 1994.03.29 Sulli began acting professionally at the age of 11, when she was selected to play young Princess Sun-hwa in the SBS television drama, The Ballad of Seo-dong.[1] A few months later, she made an cameo appearance in Love Needs a Miracle, another SBS television drama. In 2006, she made a small supporting appearance as the childhood crush of TVXQ's Micky in the theatrical drama Vacation. Sulli later landed a small role in Punch Lady (2007) and also BA:BO (2008).
  • Luna : 1993.08.12 _Sorry i'm not found profile about Luna_
  • Amber: 1992.09.18 _Sorry i'm not found profile about Amber_

Music Core:

SBS inkigayo:

Music Bank:

YG new Girl Group!

Annyong...I come with new information. Actually i have a break time to post on this blog. Until this week i stil with my High school activity. I'm very busy right now! But, until now never got sick^^.


Back to the title of this blog. YG new girl group?? maybe some of you have heard or read about this news. A few minute ago i read about this news on iBigBang.wordpress, i really shock. I suddenly think, how about 2NE1?? But as i read this news, this group will be a smooth and extremely powerfull vocal abilities.

YG ent. that reavealed the group name, Lady Collection. That's very uniqe name. Lady Collection will be 3 member vocal group and 1 of group member has been confirmed as Jieun(JC) who had initialy debuted 2 years ago.


G Dragon Heartbreaker Performance win Music Bank

'Again n Again n Again n Again...'

Once again about GD's solo performance. After SBS Inkigayo, now i want to disccuss about GD's solo performance on KBS Music Bank. After he won at Inkigayo, once again he won against the other artist on Music Bank. GD is very lucky and so POPULAR. But, i still miss with other Big Bang member. I still hope they will make Korean Album soon.

Back to the Topic. At the show he was sing with his new single 'Heartbreaker' and 'Breathe'. Trully i like 'Breathe' than 'Heartbreaker', but i still support GD. GD Fighting!!! Big Bang Fighting!!!

And i hope Daesung get well soon....^^

Check out GD's Performance:


Kid Rapper B.I "I met G-Dragon, the person i want to look like"

Very soon,,, within in 10 minutes i have new information.

Maybe you all have known this news before. But i want to share and disccuss it again for you who didn't know about it.

Kid rapper B.I (real name Kim Han Bin) revealed a picture of himself with G-Dragon.

On August 30th at 8:04 pm, B.I uploaded a picture titled ‘With G-Dragon Hyung’ on his Cyworld

Minihompy. He and G-Dragon both

held ‘V-signs’ (peace signs) in the picture.

In his first year in Junior High, B.I is the kid rapper promoting alongside MC Mong with the song ‘Indian Boy’. B.I is grabbing a lot of attention for his adorable appearance and his mature rapping.

On August 7th on KBS 2TV’s ‘Yoo Heeyeol’s Sketchbook’, B.I expressed, “I want my lifestyle to be like Mong hyung’s and my face to look like G-Dragon’s”.

On that same day, MC Mong said, “When I look at B.I, I feel like I’m looking at the young G-Dragon.”


*very lucky boy... i want to take picture with GD too....*_* but i like this kid, HE REALLY LOOK LIKE GD!!!

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