Hmmm, last Monday my friend tell me to help her to Promote her blog. She has opened a blog and has been active to blogging. So this post is dedicate to my friend. I want to Promote some of my friend Blog or Site. They also have a GOOD blog/site. And i recommend you to visit it!


She was opened her blog hmm, maybe one week ago. She is a Fan girl from Indonesia, same as me actually. She has a good blog. The content of blog is a point view of selly, no other author. She post anything she want, maybe a news, picture, video, or a Fiction.


Other Site and Blog ....

Other Other Other

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That's All. Actually, there's many blog and site link, but i will update the other soon with the banner of course. See you!

Comeback again!!

Sorry for been so long not POST anything on this blog. Actually i have my Middle Examination on school, so i can't post any news or pictures.

But, now i will comeback to update this Blog.

With Love admin, Leon