SNSD gets some love from SHINee in Genie performance

After an amazing helicopter/helipad Genie performance last week, the SNSD girls roped in their fellow SM Entertainment juniors, SHINee on Music Core this week for a sizzling hot dance intro. The SHINee boys started off with their Juliettemoves and got the fangirls screaming like crazy before 5 SNSD members, Hyo Yeon, Soo Young, YoonA, Yuri and Jessica (to match the 5 SHINee members) stepped out to join them, as they danced to a remixed version of Juliette and Genie together.

At the 0:47 mark, all SNSD members appeared on the stage like magic, some neat camera trick there from MBC. After almost a minute, the SHINee boys left the stage to their seniors to perform Genie in a slick transition move before ending the show.

The pairings as follows:

Hyo Yeon - Onew
Soo Young - Key
YoonA - Taemin
Yuri - Minho
Jessica - Jong Hyun

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