2NE1 - I Don't Care MV Released!!!

2NE1 1st Mini album

For long time i'm wait for this song MV... I really like this song. You are curious, aren't you?? So, if you want to clear all of curious click this:

Thank's to YGladies for the nice video.
On the first part of this MV, the 2NE1 member like talk with someone on the phone... and they got mad. And you can see all of the people act like they are like statue, and the 2NE1 member play with them. I think this MV tell us about of PLAYBOY... hahahahaha^^

I like Bom outfits!! She really cute...!!! hahahaha... and The Choreography is nice. I like it too...

Mood: Tired - Sleepy
Music: I Don't Care - 2NE1

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