Update! Minihompage & ISF

I'm back!! sorry because i can't post new information from KPOP... Because now i'm very busy with my school activities. Today i will post what can I POST. A few minute before i write this post i take a photo of Leeteuk, Heechul, Eunhyuk, and Donghae minihompy.

Maybe this time, Leeteuk like RAIN(Bi-Rain??? Of course not.) as you can see on the minihompy background, it's RAINY. If you zoom out the picture, you can see "Tears and rain poured down from my eyes". Can you guess it??? Is he feel sad??? Maybe he was tired, after Super Show2 and next time they will appear on SM Town Concert(Very Busy...)

Heechul... ALWAYS WITH HIS CAT...^^

I don't know, why he like playing with his cat than to search a GIRLFRIEND??? Hahaha... a COLORFULL minihompy. Heechul's minihompy background filled with an Abstrack(??? I don't know it supposed to be what.^^)
Hmmm Eunhyuk minihompy... i've read his diary translate, he said:

recently i…have been resting!
for a week~ euhahahahahaㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
other than recording for introducing star’s friend~ going for radio~
completely restingㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
sleeping late and waking up late!!!!!
so a person should live like this!!!!!!
this is only till this week…-_-
i’ll be busy starting next week…

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Donghae... Maybe ELF especially who are Donghae 'Fanatic Fan' will happy if read a sentence on Donghae minihompy background. "SUPER JUNIOR DONGHAE LOVE ELF".


Continuation of MBC Introduce Star Friend Survival episode 55 is very EXCITED!! On this episode Han Sora, the girl who only appear on ISF ep. 50-51 COMEBACK!! And you know?? She was back with BIG LOVE for EUNHYUK!! it's very surprise... and one think will make you can't BELIEVE & JELOUS... EUNHYUK WAS KISS SORA!!!

Super Junior

After MC Boom take a photo of Eunhyuk & Sora, MC Boom say it will be appear on his Minihompy!! OHMGD!!! Is he serious???

Big Bang’s “Odaiba U.S.” Event

The large exploding YG quintet, Big Bang, hosted a special concert for their fans in Odaiba, Japan called "Odaiba U.S." on July 26th. They probably could have chosen a different title that didn't make their U.S. fans do a quick double-take. Anywho, in order to attend the FUJI TV-hosted event, Japanese VIPs had to fill out an application, as the venue could only hold 3,000 people. Those 3,000 lucky fans got to hear five Big Bang songs: "GARA GARA GO!", "My Heaven", "Top of the World", "Number 1", and "Stay"."Stay" is a never-before heard track from Big Bang's upcoming full Japanese album, set for release on August 19th.

The concert, though filmed, won't be broadcast until 5:00PM Japan time on July 27th, which is two hours from the publish time of this article. We'll be sure to update you as soon as the broadcast begins appearing on the Internet, but until then, enjoy this news report courtesy of

Who Wear it the best???

Hahaha...^^ What do you think about that picture?
Who wore it the best? GD, CL, or Dara's Pillow??? (I think Pillow not make sense, but it's CUTE...)

2NE1 spreads the YG love


Popular rookie group 2NE1 appeared at fellow YG groupBig Bang's 2009 Seoul Character Licensing Fair. 2NE1 appeared at the fair instead of Big Bang because the male group was busy in Japan with promotional activities. They took pictures with the 'Bangs' images of the five members and it seemed they thoroughly enjoyed themselves as well. Looks like the crowd didn't notice the absence of Big Bang either because 2NE1 was definitely setting the roof on fire.

The girls are currently topping charts with their new song I Don't Care and are quickly climbing up to take their place as a household name.



SNSD gets some love from SHINee in Genie performance

After an amazing helicopter/helipad Genie performance last week, the SNSD girls roped in their fellow SM Entertainment juniors, SHINee on Music Core this week for a sizzling hot dance intro. The SHINee boys started off with their Juliettemoves and got the fangirls screaming like crazy before 5 SNSD members, Hyo Yeon, Soo Young, YoonA, Yuri and Jessica (to match the 5 SHINee members) stepped out to join them, as they danced to a remixed version of Juliette and Genie together.

At the 0:47 mark, all SNSD members appeared on the stage like magic, some neat camera trick there from MBC. After almost a minute, the SHINee boys left the stage to their seniors to perform Genie in a slick transition move before ending the show.

The pairings as follows:

Hyo Yeon - Onew
Soo Young - Key
YoonA - Taemin
Yuri - Minho
Jessica - Jong Hyun

SNSD Captures Mutizen on SBS Inkigayo

SNSD Captures Mutizen on SBS Inkigayo
After my last award-winner entry caused a huge ruckus (I really do adore both groups and was just trying to offer a quick analysis of the much-hyped match-up before congratulating the winner. Unfortunately, my exhausted 4:40am writing style was sketchy enough to cause a huge fuss in the comments section. My sincerest apologies to fans of both groups), I figured I wouldn't mention the girl group battle at all this time, with the exception being this sentence.

F.T. Island Comeback Performance!

F.T. Island Comeback Performance!

Armed with their rockin' new single and a creatively crafted MV, F.T. Island completed the beginning of their return to the spotlight with performances of "Marry Me" and their single "I Hope" on SBS Inkigayo today.




SUPER SHOW2 Pict. -Pt2-


Cute Leeteuk!! Why Heechul hair got Long quickly???

AGH!!! Kyuhyun wear a WIG!?!? CUTE!! at the first time i see this pict. i think this a Fortune fan.. hahahaha...!! They sing Gee - SNSD

Oh... I Like Donghae on that Picture..!

Eeteuk is very serious..

Gee... Gee... Gee... Gee... Gee...

Credit: sup3rjunior.wordpress.com(Thnk's Nice Pict.)