Big Bang "Gara Gara Go!" single RELEASED!!

Big Bang
With much delight, I'm happy to inform Big Bang fans everywhere that the boys have finally released their latest single album for Gara Gara Go! The single album is filled with a whole 3 tracks, but I'm sure that won't discourage anybody. What is discouraging, at least for me, was that one of the tracks happened to be "Stylish" and it's not even in Japanese. Did anyone else wonder why this song made the list? Oh well, can't complain, I suppose. All the songs are very upbeat and dance inducing tracks that are bound to please.

The tracklist goes as follows:

1. Gara Gara Go!
2. Top of the World
3. Stylish

Gara Gara Go!

At first I considered this track to be trite, but for me, it just took a couple of playbacks to have it grow on me. The choreography was just too good to pass up. A perfect match to the upbeat tempo of the track.

Top of the World

Upload Credit: shanked100

A track with a great beat that could get anybody pumped. It's definitely stand out track. Shying away from extreme techno that we've been hearing recently, the boys are trying something new. AND THANK GOD! How refreshing to know they aren't stuck to one genre. Always changing. Mad props to the boys. With a different feel and sound, it just shows that Big Bang's still got it baby. Arguably the best track of the three.


Upload Credit: shanked100

You've already heard this track before. Every time I listen to it, I just automatically have my mind set on FILA.

Anyway, don't forget to support the boys by buying the product!

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