Big Bang: GARA GARA GO!! (ガラガラ GO!!) Official MV Released!•

Another dance MV, the purple-ness in the beginning already had me happy, since it ’s my fave color, but when I saw Bong in that tall hat…. sitting on that chair… WHOO! Now that is just sexy in a Willy Wonka delicious way. DAE’S NEW HAIR IS TOO DANG SEXY!!! Please Dae… keep it.. PLEASE! And then Baby come into the picture… leaning to the side… with that expression on his face… he wants to murder us or something, that is too much to handle. Bae’s shades has never been shinier… I would love to be that chair… ^_^ haha

This song have such a different vibe to it, it’s definately not what I’m use to with Big Bang, but I am loving it. And I’m also loving Tabi’s tall hair in a red suit and also Bong who is so “freshly dressed” The end where they put all the colorful stage lights together with the dancers and outfits.. freaking hot.

Mood: Sleepy
Music: Gara Gara Go! - Big Bang

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