Big Bang Big Show 2010 [100129]

Yesterday, Big Bang held a concert on Korea. On that concert TOP has revealed his single solo MV. Actually, the official video isn't release yet, so i just give you some fancams. They continue the concert on 30th & 31st January 2010 and start their Japan Tour Concert Electric Love[Read: Big Bang Next Concert] on February. I will update more fancams and Photos soon!!

Enjoy it!

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SNSD Oh! [MV+Perform]

Comeback!! This time is from SNSD. As you read before(if you have visited it) i posted about SNSD aka Girls' Generation New Concept on their 2nd Album. And they released the MV of new single title Oh! a few days ago. They also perform their new single on Music Core.


Performance on Music Core[Sorry if the video Quality isn't good]...

Big Bang Pic's -Random-

I've found some wallpaper and Picture. Check it. If you want to take please leave a comment or something to my Cbox...^^

FILA Collection
Photobucket Big Bang Big Bang
Big Bang Big Bang

Photobucket Big Bang Big Bang
Big Bang Big Bang

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

SNSD New Concept for their 2nd Album

Comeback with SNSD. hihi^^

This time I'm bringing you to SNSD a.k.a. Girls' Generation news. Maybe you have known that they will comeback soon with New Full Album. I'm happy too^^. They also revealed the album Tracklist few days ago. On the new album, titled Oh!, they will collaboration with some artist[Key, SHINee] and also have some new song on that album. Don't you excited??

Track List:
1. Oh!
2. Show! Show! Show!
3. 뻔&Fun (Sweet Talking Baby)
4. 영원히 너와 꿈꾸고 싶다 (Forever)
5. 웃자 (Be Happy)
6. 화성인 바이러스 (Boys & Girls) -feat.key (SHINee)
7. 카라멜 커피 (Talk To Me)
8. 별별별 (Star Star Star)
9. 무조건 해피엔딩 (Stick Wit U)
10. 좋은 일만 생각하기 (Day by Day)
11. Gee
12. 소원을 말해봐 (Genie)

Have you see their new concept photo? If yes, don't you notice that they have been change their concept/image?? On Genie[Tell me Your wish], they have their Army Concept. But, on 2nd Album, Oh!, they transform to Cheerleader concept. And also if you notice their album track list, their song 좋은 일만 생각하기 or in English Day by Day. The title is similiar to Big Bang song Haru Haru or in English Day by Day. ROFLMAO. Don't think too far, they didn't do any Plagiarism. I've just noticed that the TITLE is SIMILIAR. ONLY the TITLE^^. They also revealed Oh! Teaser. Check the video bellow...

SHINee Goodbye stage on Music Bank 100115

SHINee ended their Ring Ding Dong and JoJo promote activity on Music Bank[100115]. They release Ring Ding Dong last year on October and released the MV after perform on Music Bank. And Ring Ding Dong is one of SHINee Big Hit. SHINee also got an award last year. And they has been perform the Remix version of Ring Ding Dong[On 2009 Gayo Daejun and other music show]. After Ring Ding Dong, SHINee released their other single, JoJo.

Check this Goodbye stage video...

Big Bang's Text Pranks! [Update!! Daesung: "President YG told us that Big Bang is going to disband"]

Big Bang talked about their "Big Bang Breakup Text Incident" on January 12's "Strong Heart."

Daesung first revealed, "When Big Bang discovers a new way to prank, they do that same prank for 2 months. Taeyang changed his number and first decided to prank us with text messages."

He continued, "Taeyang first wrote as 2NE1 Minzy saying 'Oppa! I love you.' I was worried over how to let her down easy without hurting her but then the next day Taeyang revealed that it was his prank."

After Taeyang, G-Dragon posed as Seungri and sent a text message to Daesung saying "Can I sleep next to hyung again tonight?"

Daesung said, "Even though I'm close with Seungri now, at that point we were somewhat distant so I got a strange feeling after that text. Since these pranks kept circling among members, a level of distrust started to build up. We even though texts from our manager talking about our schedules were pranks."

Then, a message posing as YG head Yang Hyun Suk came saying "There is no more Big Bang." The members all gathered and confirmed that it was none of their own pranking, and then went to go see Yang Hyun Suk.

Big Bang asked him, "What did we do wrong for you to say that we're going to break up?" Yang Hyun Suk replied surprised, "What breakup?" After he found out about the origin of them pranking each other, he rebuked the members for doing such extreme pranking.

MC Kang Ho Dong asked, "Did you ever find the sender of that text?" Daesung replied, "It's still a mystery."

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Translations by: filmsession@omonatheydidn't

Daesung: "President YG told us that Big Bang is going to disband"

Daesung made a shocking confession on SBS Strong Heart about the "disbandment/dissolution" of Big Bang.

Daesung tells, "One day, President YG sent us a text message that there will no longer be Big Bang. The members were surprised so we asked our managers about it."

The full story will be revealed on the January 12 episode of Strong Heart where Daesung will also reveal which female celebrity's (in addition to Lee Hyori) phone number is stored in his phone.


[01.12.10] 2NE1 to appear at Big Bang Concert

New comer 4 member girl group, 2NE1, will be appearing at Big Bang's solo concert for three days as guests.

Big Bang's representatives revealed that the hidden attraction is no other than the girl group from the same company (YG Entertainment), 2NE1 who will be appearing for all three days as a guest.

Big Bang representatives stated "Sandara Park, Park Bom, CL, and Gong Minji received a lot of help from their sunbaes Big Bang since their debut and they are always thinking of them.", "Wanting to repay their thanks to them, they are planned to make special appearances for the three days of the concert".

Following this announcement, there has been much speculation on whether they will be performing their collaboration song together "Lollipop" at this concert.

Meanwhile, 2NE1 currently in the middle of preparing for their first full length album to be released in the beginning of this year.

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Fall in Love - Thelma Aoyama feat. Taeyang MV

Sorry for the late update...I've started school today.

G-Dragon "Summoned by the Prosecution", No Freedom of Expression for Musicians?

There are many controversies over G-Dragon's performance that was marked as an offense for an immoral performance and also said that it infringed the youth protection laws. We have to recognize that the core of this controversy is the freedom of a creator and that we cannot overlook the freedom of the audience who has the right to enjoy a creator's expressions and results.

This controversy this time is very ambiguous. What is the standard for obscenity? Is it when someone feels sexually harassed or is it when someone thinks that it is simply too erotic? But it’s not like the police could just pick a random person that was at G-Dragon’s concert and ask "Was that too obscene for you?"

There is no set standard for something that is erotic or for something that is obscene and this controversy is equivocal. Also, performers were not naked that made the audience feel like they were watching an 18A performance. Then was the performance obscene because it was about sex? Our society that corners sex as obscene is more abnormal.

Saying that there is a problem with a performance that makes one think about sex is a problem itself since that could mean sex=immoral. Well it’s a whole different problem if G-Dragon's performance was too explicit; however, his performance was short and people had various opinions about it.

The start of this controversy and tragedy was the opinion differences between the audience and the public that was saying G-Dragon's performance was immoral. This eventually led more than 1000 of the audiences that were at G-dragon's concert to turn in a petition to the prosecution.

These people turned in a petition saying "For the obscene performance crime the audience has to agree with the fact that the performance was obscene and over the line; however, G-Dragon's concert was not obscene at all and it did not sexually harass us in any way." Also, these people said the performance as a whole cannot be judged by the short moment.

The more important thing is the freedom of creation. A society that threatens the freedom of creation for musicians makes a society where there is no cultural variety. If G-Dragon's two-hour-long concert is valid as obscenity because of the momentary performance during it, then this is invading the freedom and the rights of a creator.

Original Article by Kim Jihyun @ TV Daily
Translated by Beau @ bbvipz, bbvip
Edited by big bang=love @ bbvip

T.O.P's solo activities to begin in mid-February or early March

After leaving a strong impression with his assassin role in ‘Iris’, popular idol group Big Bang’s TOP (Choi Seunghyeon) plans to show various transformations this year.

TOP will begin his solo activities either mid-February or early-March. On the 7th, a YG Entertainment representative confirmed it will either be a mini-album or digital single, and that “the overall direction hasn’t been determined yet but it will be planned to fit TOP’s unique style.” After his solo activities Big Bang will meet fans as a group with a new album sometime the first half of 2010.

TOP’s plans as an actor are also underway. After his screen-debut last November in the telecinema ‘19,’ he is currently filming the movie, “Into the Gunfire’ as Jangbum, a student soldier. TOP stated, “It’s an honor to once again be involved in such a large-scale production, and I am working hard night and day to not cause any problems for this project.”

‘Into the Gunfire’ is a movie shedding new light on student soldiers’ bravery and noble deaths during the Korean War, and is planned to start showing in theaters in mid-June.

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Prosecutors to prepare subpoena for “lewd conduct to minors” for G-Dragon

BIGBANG G-Dragon will be summoned to the prosecutors in a criminal investigation for the violation of Youth Protection Act for the public performance that contains “lewd conduct to minors.”

The investigation is focusing on last year G-Dragon F.I.R.S.T Solo Concert “Shine a Light” which considered as exhibiting explicit performance, despite the fact that it is rated as strictly prohibited for the preteens under the age of 12.

The Eastern Seoul District Prosecutor official stated, “The investigation is in the progress of collecting, reviewing and summing up all information given based on the subjected matter,” then continued, “We will determine the specific timeframe when G-Dragon will be summoned to this investigation process shortly after this.”

G-Dragon held his concert last December with a performance of arousing sexual libido with a female dancer in “Breathe.”

The prosecutors are seeking for the reasons that given “She’s Gone” and “Korean Dream” were banned by the same Act in November then why those two songs were deliberately added to the aforementioned show.

The two specific songs are prohibited for sale, rent, screening and/or distributing in any channels to the adolescences by this law.

Individual who is convicted of lewd conduct according to the Article 245 in the Youth Protection Act will face fine not exceeding ₩ 5,000,000 and one year imprisonment and the penalties for violation of the same Act are ₩ 20,000,000 fines and three year imprisonment.

YG Entertainment Representative gave a statement on the issue that, “YG will assist the investigators in this progress and will take care of it on behalf of the client (G-Dragon).” then added “we will hereby accept the decision and are responsible for the legal action taken according to the Act.”

God saves Kwon Leader. Keep your fingers crossed for him, VIPs.

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Big Bang TaeYang reveals DaeSung’s secrets on SBS Strong Heart

Big Bang TaeYang reveals that follow member DaeSung carries many secrets.

The 2 were on SBS Strong Heart aired on 5th January when TaeYang said, “DaeSung has many secrets. I have never seen him gone to the toilet. Even though we are roommates for 4 years, I’ve never heard any sound of water flowing from him in the toilet before.”

With that Kang Ho Dong asked, “Not once when you heard him let out gas?” and TaeYang replied, “Not once I’ve heard him fart”. And DaeSung gave a comical reply, “I’m like a heavenly celebrity.”

KARA Park GyuRi then said, “I understand DaeSung. There are people who anticipated that from me. So to fulfil the anticipation, I go the bathroom just to wash my hands.”


TaeYang reveals that, “There was once when Yang HyunSeok likened us to a tree. TaeYang and DaeSung are trees which receive great rainfall and have deep roots, growing well.”

According to TaeYang, Yang HyunSeok also liken GDragon to a rich and beautiful tree which requires trimming once in a while and TOP is a tree which is handsome even though the appearance maybe a little weird.

And regarding youngest SeungRi, Yang HyunSeok was quoted saying, “You have many twigs. The gardener has always to wait by your side. If the gardener do not watch and wait continuously, he won’t know which way the twigs will grow.”

TaeYang reveals his first impression of DaeSung.

There has always been talks about how DaeSung is about the capabilities rather than the looks in the group.

He said, “When I first saw DaeSung, I thought he was really musically capable. I thought of him as a friend who see music as an end, and that he was a music genius.”


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Wallpaper that I've made

bb-Wall.jpg bb_Wall2 picture by Leon_28

Actually this is not a news or an article anymore. I just want to sharing what I've made. On my holiday i'm just stayed at Home, i'm going to vacation on other country. So, i decided to made something. And I've made 2 wallpapers of Big Bang

Wallpaper,Big Bang Wallpaper,Big Bang

Taeyang vs Eunhyuk??[Update]

Yesterday i've post an article about Taeyang vs Eunhyuk??. Taeyang and Daesung appeared as guest on Strong Heart. On that show, Taeyang show his ability on Dance. And he was PERFECT!! After he showed his dance, the MC said that will be a dance battle between Taeyang and Eunhyuk. Eunhyuk look very shocked and embarrassed.

After the Eunhyuk showed his dance, he turn back and opened his jacket. There's a word on his t-shirt that mean "The End". The rest suddenly burst out laughing. And i also laughed too...^^

Check this video bellow...

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Big Bang Places 7th @ Oricon DVD Charts

- Big Bang placed 7th on Oricon’s DVD Chart with the release of ‘The Clips Vol.1′.
- The DVD was released on the 23rd of December last year.

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Taeyang vs Eunhyuk??

Bigbang’s Taeyang and Daesung will be attending the special new year episode of SBS Kang Shim Jang (Strong Heart), which will be broadcasted on the 5th. Bigbang had a special conversation and their pop dance had been a hot topic.

Taeyang, who had not been appearing in variety shows, had prepared a special kind of dance which is not usually seen in shows. His performance was shocking and had surprised everybody.
Super Junior’s Eunhyuk challenged Taeyang and both of them did not back down, resulting in the dance battle to be very intense and caused the studio to be burning hot.

Among South Korea’s top dancers, two idol singers had an intense and fiery match which will be broadcasted at 11:15PM on the 5th, through the special new year episode of Strong Heart.

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Big Bang Daesung is the #1 idol group star who most suits anime character Naruto

Big Bang Daesung has been chosen at the idol group star who suits anime character Naruto the best.

Anibox did a survey from 20th till 27th October on Tooniland online on 1729 netizens asking the question “Which idol group star suits the anime character Naruto the best?”and Daesung was chosen as #1 with 533 votes.

The reason that netizens chose Daesung was that he is very energetic and likes to play and jokes around, similar to that Naruto.
Guess which other idol group members were chosen on the survey.

The rest of the results to the survey:
DaeSung (533)
TVXQ UKnow YunHo (304)
2AM Jo Kwon (128)
2PM Nich Khun (125)
SS501 Kim Hyun Joong (116)
SHINee TaeMin (72)
Super Junior ShinDong (54)

This was in line with the 10th anniversary of Naruto, there is also a movie released for the 10th anniverary of the anime.

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Daesung's Turn to Act


A representative from YG Entertainment announced on the 4th that Big Bang's Daesung will officially debut as an actor on writer Song Jina's "Zero Plus". Big Bang's T.O.P was originally meant to appear on the movie.

Daesung, who has already shown his acting skills through the musical 'Cats', is also scheduled to release a solo album early in the year.

"Zero Plus" is a movie about the love, dreams and challenges of students at Kaist University, and is scheduled for release in the earlier half of the year.

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Big Bang Lotte Wallpaper

I think i have many post today. I hope you love it. This time i got Big Bang Lotte wallpaper. The Pict is really cool, with green background. And Big Bang also made it Cool too, haha^^. ROFLMAO. And as you can see on the picture, daesung have a BRIGHT Smile....>,<

Check this picture bellow...

Big Bang,Lotte Big Bang,Lotte

Credit: 워아이GD@BBVIPZ

Big Bang Fila Picture

Big Bang,Big Bang,FILA

This time i got Big Bang FILA photo. It really NICE. If i can go to Korea i will buy it. You can see on TOP red shoes. There's Big Bang Logo on that shoes!!! I Really like that shoes. I love Youngbae jacket and his bag.

Check out the picture bellow.....

Big Bang,Big Bang,FILA Big Bang,Big Bang,FILA Big Bang,Big Bang,FILA

Big Bang,FILA Big Bang,Big Bang,FILA,TOP Big Bang,Big Bang,FILA,G-Dragon

Big Bang,Big Bang,FILA,Seungri Big Bang,Big Bang,FILA,Daesung Big Bang,Big Bang,FILA,Taeyang

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Cuts to TOP and Kwon SangWoo’s upcoming movie ‘Into The Gunfire’ revealed!

TOP Japan Photoshoot3

Take a look at the stills from the upcoming war film Into the Gunfire, which stars Kwon Sang-woo and TOP (Choi Seung-hyun) as student soldiers in the Korean War.

They portray two of 71 young students (hence the film’s original title, 71, back when it starred Kim Bum and Yoo Seung-ho) who took a stand against Northern invaders in a battle that would become a pivotal turning point in the war, which began on June 25, 1950.

In these stills, TOP plays Jang-bum, who with his fellow student soldiers goes out to gather food supplies. The soldiers, along with Gab-jo (Kwon Sang-woo), who is fooling around with a grenade, end up blowing up the grain silo. The large-scale explosion scene was filmed safely without injuries.

Kwon Sang-woo explained that he’d sustained minor injuries from shooting their action scenes in the cold weather and slippery conditions, such as shoots requiring him to run after North Korean soldiers, “but seeing the staff who suffers even more than me gives me encouragement. I’m doing my best.”

TOP said, “Following IRIS, to do a movie on such a large scale is an honor. I’m working hard not to cause this film any problems, staying up all day and night rehearsing and filming.”

Into the Gunfire is scheduled to release in June 2010 in time to commemorate the 60 years that have passed since the war first broke out. Likewise, the Korean War-set drama Road Number 1 (starring So Ji-sub, Yoon Kye-sang, and Kim Haneul) is also planning for a June premiere.

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SNSD Into the new World Concert Photobook


SNSD has been held a concert on December 2009. They have a great solo concert. This time i post a photoshoot of SNSD.




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