BIG BANG ft. 2NE1 - Lollipop CF (REMIX)

Lollipop CF (REMIX)


The girls were being all preppy and sing along to the poppy part of LOLLIPOP (LOL at Dara), then I spot Bong…. as a robot came out and stop them haha ‘NAH! That’s not how we do it” haha of course YG can’t roll like that kaka the LOLLI LOLLI LOLLIPOP dance really wins in life.

I love that ‘DYNAMITE’ part, that’s just tight. CL have so much attitude for you hahah it’s freaking awesome!! Who would’ve thought Dara can be ghetoo too haha,, despite the palm tree.

WHAT?! My husband is now superman? haha wearing blue suit with a cape. kaka DANG!! look at CL move…. totally see some Bae in her, some CL-Bae going on too, *touch*

MinJi is real interesting, she’s slowly becoming my fave in 21, she can be cute and serious anytime she want, just like Baby…. these maknaes~ Bommie is just freaking pretty, though she do seems a bit camera shy, LOL at Bong on that floor… he like it too much.

During Baby and Dae’ break… I just… LOVE IT

MinJi and Bae’s solo dance!!! then it’s the same age couple!! CL-BABY! Bommie look SMOKING HOT in red, at first I was like ‘WHO THE HECK IS THAT??” I didn’t recognize her at all.

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