Gummy’s gift box: Phone conversation with TOP

Yesterday was a special day for our Talented YG singer, Gummy. April 8th 2009 was her birthday. There wasn’t any birthday bash held for Gummy this year to celebrate together with her fans, instead YG came up with the idea of Gummy’s gift box where fans were able to have a real time chat with Gummy. You could send a birthday shout out or if you had any questions, you could sumbit it and she’d answer it for you right away.

Held yesterday at 9 pm and lasted about 40 minutes on GOM TV (channel 209). Nevertheless, within that short period of time, guess who called in to send his personal birthday shout out to the Birthday Girl? TOP!

Sorry no subs for now. But just listen to TOP’s voice and listen how he said “nuna”, it was so cute. It can make any of your heart melt if he ever calls you that! Definitely a cutesy!


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