04.26.09 Hite Concert Stalker Pics (Dae Sung Birthday!)


Cool Seung Ri, Handstand!!

TOP's New Hair

GD's New Hair!! he's so Cool

Dae Sung Birthday!!!

Even though they’re taking a so called “break” right now, all of them have such bad dark circles it’s heart breaking. Bong talked about how sorry he is that the activities are delayed and thanked the fans for supporting them by doing a cute little hand/head movement, aw….. Bong ah~ full of sunshine. On the other hand, Baby likes it when you compliment his VJ skills hahah THUMB UP! Baby tried his VJ skills on the MC, asking something about Wolly that suppose to be a secret, then Bong was like “please don’t air this” haha but Baby is still proud of himself.

Dae is talking about Tabi again, with how he put his finger in his…………. belly button? haha Tabi look like one of those kungfu dudes in the acient chinese drama, haha with the ponytail and ninja skills to kick your butt kkakka
On Dae’s Birthday, April 26th, it was also the day of Big Bang’s Hite Concert, so Dae celebrated his birthday with the members and all the fans who attended that day. Dae was caught wearing the gag glasses that make him ever more adorable than he already is and the halo that make him look so innocent (and somewhat disturbingly cute) Happy BirthDAE!!! When you look at the pics you can see how extra hyper Bae is that day, he was sassing it up, haha I love it when he curls his lips, Baby even did a handstand to celebrate, while Bong did the ‘pony tail’ hair again, channeling his punk side.
Tabi also revealed his new hair, the hair that he currently have for his drama “IRIS”. In this drama, he is the cold blooded assassinator named Vick (… I love that name haha) And seriously, this is my favorite hair on him.. EVER! His sexy self shaving his own head looking at the dirty mirror in HELLO MV cant even compared.
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