Spring Message to Big Bang Official Fanclub VIP2


VIP2 is the second BigBang Official Fanclub! When they first launched the First Official BB Fanclub (VIP1), those who went to BigBang first debut concert, they will received a special serial number for them to register as an official members. Not to say that the first fanclub was full, but since BigBang became popular day by day, their fanbase have grown up till now. Despite the difficulties resgistering at VIP1, YG had decided to open the Second Official BB Fanclub (VIP2) for fans who didnt get to register earlier / didnt obtain the serial number from the concert and especially for the “last minute fans”. So the purpose of having the second fanclub is none other to accomodate fans who wants to be apart of the fanclub which of course indirectly increase Bigbang fanbase throughout the nation.

The VIP2 is somewhat different from VIP1. I have mentioned this on Vicky’s old post. I guess it would be impossible for you to go thru the archives. Anyway, when YG announced about the launched of the new Official Fanclub VIP2, some of the current VIPs werent too happy about the new club as the rules and regulations to become a member was much more easier than the first one. They offered positions to anyone who wanted to become VIP2 Staff (FAN STAFF) for kvipz. But to be apart of the team was not easy. You have to sit for exams and there were in fact so many procedures that u will need to go thru with and whatnot.

International VIPs will not be able to register as members at BigBang Official Fanclub for now. I have asked YG Ent about this and they are considering of having it official for Overseas fans. There are a few things they have to consider and will inform as soon as they can. Mind you, that setting up official club isnt easy. It involves money, time, manpower etc. So now, all we need to do is just wait.

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