Big Bang will take a rest for the Month

Big Bang will take a rest for the month of May till upcoming Japanese Album Release
Male group Big Bang will be having the month of May as a time of recharge and rest.

Although Big Bang concluded their official activity with ‘Sunset Glow’ at the end of last year, Seungri was busy with his solo activities, and all the members were busy with filming commercials, preparing for songs for solo albums, and also getting ready for intense upcoming Japanese activities in June and July.

Yang Hyunsuk of YG entertainment thought a time of rest was essential for Big Bang, and requested the management to not to get any additional schedules, and from the phone interview with Sports Dong-A (the newspaper), he mentioned that Big Bang was not able to rest since their debut in 2006, and there won’t be any activities for the month of May.

The reason why Daesung and Seungri finished their emceeing on MBC ‘Show! music core’ on last Saturday was for them to be able to rest. However, Daesung will continue filming for SBS Family Outing and TOP will also continue filming for KBS drama IRIS in the month of May.

Big Bang members will have time of rechargement rather than just resting. G-Dragon will be travelling the fashion mecca, Europe, to learn and read the fashion trends. Taeyang and Seungri will be learning dance from famous dancers and choreographers in the United States.

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