Big Bang Music Video : So Fresh, So Cool

So Fresh, So Cool MV

By: YouTube

This is the MV for 'So Fresh, So Cool' that Hite release, but it's pretty much just the Making of the CF with the full song playing in the background. After watching this I just realize how EXAGERATE you have to be in order to film a CF, to the point where you can't stand watching haha, just like Bong and Tabi's little hand shake thing.. that is just too hyper. I like how the youngest out of the 4 is driving.. he's the only one of the group who got a license, all the other hyungs... T_T

Bae and his needs to bust a move whenever and wherever, they look like 4 power rangers..... who's about to get everyone in town DRUNK!! haha that is SOME superheroes. I'm surprise the glasses didn't break even when they smash it that hard against each other.

*cool MV!!
*poop Seung Ri T_T

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