2009 SBS Hope TV “Republic of Korea Coming!” Showcase Photoshoot

By: bigbangkorean.wordpress.com

This is probably for a charity showcase by SBS, at first when I saw these pic at first glance, I was like “WAH~ so cute” due to all the pastel color, then oh dang…. I notice there’s a ahjuma in the middle of Big Bang… it’s Bong ahjuma. AIGOO……….. you say something about his Einstein hair, he’ll go out and get a perm just to shove it in your face. I don’t know if he’s Bong or my long lost aunt. But then… the 2nd thing I notice is, BAE-RI!! I love this picture the most, cuz Baby was looking at Bae pervertedly ‘lovingly’. Tabi also channel a bit SeoTaji, cool hair coming out here and there.

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