GDragon during shooting of W-inds’ MV

This is a point where I’m worried for Bong about his health, I know his body is the type that doesn’t matter how much he eats, he won’t gain weight. But still, loosing weight like this isn’t good either. All I see is skin covered bones, the first thing pop into my head when I saw these was “Please someone shove a cheeseburger down his throat” But then… I doubt that burger will make any difference. Bong ah~ Please take care of yourself! Health comes first!! But oh my god, I actually think the popcorn hair is HOT now. :X
Normal hair was out of the question for this MV, all we got is the Einstein look and the popcorn hair, he was hot though! Pronunciation was right on, it’s nice to hear Bong rapping without the vocoder, cuz seriously, I am sick of it, his real voice is amazing, those electronic crap just freaking ruin it, one of the thing I don’t like about LOLLIPOP song is no real Bong voice whatsoever.
I was screaming the whole time when i saw this… Bong MAY wind up getting together with a forgein girl in the future hahaha you never know.

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