04.18.09 Lotte Family Concert Stalker Pics

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen the boys perform together onstage, and on April 18th, they perform together during Lotte Family Concert. And of course Bong have to surprise us once again with another hairstyle, it’s not the Einstein nor the popcorn, it’s…. a HyunJoong? haha cuz HyunJoong is like the only person that look good in this hair to me, idk how it look on Bong really, but his skinnies is what REALLY CAUGHT my eyes, probably stole them from 2NE1’s photoshoot, cuz I saw EmJay wearing something similar to that HMM…. BUT… Tabi on the other hand was looking FIIINE! pink scarf never look so sexy.

*By: bigbangkorean.wordpress.com

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