GDragon Solo Stage during BIG SHOW Concert

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This is during Big Bang’s BIG SHOW Concert back in January 2009, Bong performed his solo by doing a freaking HOT DJ section, consist of rapping and solo tracks he did.

First it was the song ‘GDRAGON’ from Perry’s album (from when he was 13), it was FREAKING AWESOME!! I was going insane, I love that song, one of the thing I love about Bong is his stage presence, it’s just no words can describe, he just make you feel like you’re in another freaking world. After that it’s Hot Issue, and damn!!!!!!! this ish is HOT!!!! literally since we have all the sexy dancers in the front, Bong was just working that DJ booth is like pro. Then it’s the This Love remix that I love so much. AHHHH!!

Taking off his jacket then ‘This Love’ starts…………. AHH~ I love it love it love it whenever he perform this song live, he’s just one person, one… but he got the whole freaking thousands people in the crowd move to the beat with him, this guy is just amazing. I know every word to this song and yet I can’t speak Korean to save my life haha now you know how powerful GD is. I can’t even call him Bong at this moment, feel like calling him GD, cuz onstage, that’s what he is, not Kwon JiYong or Bong, it’s GDragon man~ GD ALL THE WAY!! The bow at the end was HOT!

I’m still really mad that YG didn’t release the DVD for this concert yet and they already aired this on a Japan TV channel, I really wanted to watch this for the first time in HQ and with my dad’s sound system, but this make me somewhat less mad :)

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