Random Life Lesson #1: Healthy BP | Ministry of Justice Spokesmen

RANDOM LIFE LESSON #1: keep your blood pressure in check!- although in those rare instances, it PAYS to have high blood pressure HAHA.

NEXT! our generation’s role models have been appointed spokesmen for the ministry of justice of korea. it’s a great honor to be recognized by your gov’t! big bang is hitting all areas of culture & society. yay them!

Popular idol group Big Bang attended a ceremony on 18th May at the Education & Exhibition Center for Seoul where they appointed as the new image ambassadors for the Korean Ministry of Justice. The main focus of the Ministry of Justice in 2009 is to reorganize the whole cyberspace and restore order. Considering that most of the internet users in Korea are teenagers, they decided to appoint the highly popular idol group, Big Bang as the image ambassadors to reach out to them. The appointment certificate was handed to Big Bang's leader, G-Dragon who was sporting a new hairstyle by the Justice Minister Kim Kyung Han. In return, G-Dragon gave a copy of Big Bang's CD to him. Daesung was not present because of filming for Family Outing.

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