Big Bang GDragon Rap Collection


*Intro: Victory (3rd Single: BigBang 03)
*Always (Always EP)
*Heaven (Stand Up EP)
*Super Fly (Lexy: Rush)
*But I love You (Hot Issue EP)
*Run (Se7en: 24/7)
*Fly Gentlemen (Yg Family Vol2: Why Be Normal)
*Baby Baby (With U EP)
*Mad About You (With U EP)
*D.I.S.C.O Part2 (Uhm Jung Hwa: Disco Remix)
*Oh My Friend (Always EP)
*Anystar Remix (Park Bom)
*Forever With You (3rd Single: BigBang03)
*This Love (Vol1: Since 2007)
*Intro (Se7en: Just Listen)
*Goodbye Baby (3rd Single: BigBang03)
*Intro: Work It Now (Gummy: Comfort)
*Oh Ma Baby (Always EP)
*A-Yo (JinuSean: The Reign)
*Shake it (Vol1: Since 2007)
*Big Bang (3rd Single: Big Bang 03)
*Dirty Cash (Vol1: Since 2007)
*Intro: We Are Big Bang (Always EP)
*So in Love Part 2 (Kim Jo Han)
*How Gee (For The World EP)
*With U (With U EP)
*Lady (Stand Up EP)
*Can You Feel Me (Se7en: Se7olution)
*V.I.P (2nd Single: Big Bang is VIP)
*What (YMGA: Made in R.O.K)

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