05.17.09「Rain Is Fallin’ 」 ft. GDragon on NHK Music Japan

LOL. Bong just stood there and nod his head like he understands what’s going on kaka

Bong performed ‘Rain is Falling’ with w-inds. and it is hot. Maybe it’s the difference of the country/mic/sound system or whatever, but the audio quality is just amazing! I can hear Bong’s rap so clear and clean it’s just AH~ i love hearing his voice without all the vocoder crap. He announciates so well I LOVE IT!! And I also find myself falling for w-inds. especially the vocalist, Keita… he is just fine… with some awesome voice haha Bong rocking his long locks and headband haha such a hippie. Keita and Bong get along so well haha I love it when they do the ‘AND YOU! AND YOU!” move kaka leave it to Bong to run down and scream to the camera haha

Dude… seriously, is it because Japan’s sound system is so much more advanced than Korea?? cuz damn, I am loving this, if only music shows in Korea can be like this, cuz this is amazing, I’m sure they’re singing live and yet it sound JUST LIKE the damn record. HOT! Keita’s voice is melting.

09.05.17 NHK Music Japan

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