Interview: W-inds Response on Collaborating with GD

The reason for collaborating with BigBang GDragon:

Rain Is Fallinis the song that is collaborated with Big Bang, right?

Keita: Yes. Big Bang leader, G-Dragon has participated in the rap part.

Ryuichi: I’m R-dragon (smile)

Ryohei is also R-Dragon right.

Ryohei: You still don’t know yet. Ryuichi’s Ryu is ‘dragon’ (pronunciation of dragon in japanese and korean is different) You should know about this.

Oh, I see.

Ryohei: Yes (smile). G-Dragon is a rapper, and also capable in lyrics writing and composing, he is only 21 which is younger than us. We were too surprised when we heard of this song for the first time. We sent over the song to Korea, after adding the rap, we had goosebumps after we listened to it.

Has this stimulated/motivated you?

Ryuichi: Of course, since this is our first cooperation, we are glad that we were the first to collaborate with him. We were also shocked by his English pronunciation as well as his performance.

Ryohei : We thought that there will be Korean pronunciation, however the manner of his eng rap is different from ours, that really has stimulated us. His dancing too, has attractive skills in it, we are really inspired by him, feel like we have learned something.
HipHop/R&B in Japan and Korea, has been influenced by US, and it’s a great impact, this influence has been used by dancing and also music.
Keita: Japanese music has also been developing toward that kind of style. In this moment, we are pursuing to do the music that we can make now. After the first collaboration with G-Dragon, I feel that he has lotsa talents that a normal 21-yr-old don’t have, and I’m impressed with his courage. This made me think that I should do the same too. In music as well, I have more inspirations lately.

What is the reason of the cooperation with G-Dragon?

Keita: We have participated in the ‘Asian Music Festival’ which is hold in Korea last October, the local staff has introduced some popular Korean singers, including Big Bang, to me during that time, and I’m quite interested in them, so I went online and searched about them. After that, I heard that they will have concert in Japan in Nov, so I went to see their concert. Their performances and vocals are great, and then I had this thought to work with him.

Ryuichi: We have participated on the same TV show in this Feb, therefore when we met him in the set we told him about the proposal [Let’s do something together~]

Keita: During the recording of ‘Rain Is Fallin’, since there is a rap part, so we requested for his help [Can you collaborate with us?], and he agreed with it immediately, hence the collaboration is done.

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