Big Bang shows off their Japanese Skills on MTV VMA Japan

Dae was SMOKIN’ on that red carpet, whoo~ boi, when you get so fine? haha LOL at the.. headgear guy with his overly excitedness for BIG-A-BANG! haha

BoA wasn't the only Korean artist in attendance at MTV VMA Japan on 30th May, Korean group Big Bang was there as well. They weren't there just for the festivities however, they actually had a role to play.

Big Bang was introduced as "Guest Celebrities" and showed off their Japanese and English linguistic skills for around 30 seconds before introducing Katy Perry. I can't really say much about their Japanese, because I don't know Japanese, but their English seemed pretty good. It seems like G-Dragon is getting better with the accent. Thanks to justine for the tip!

Big Bang & w-inds. – Backstage of VMAJ 2009

*i like Dae new Hairstyle!! He was very CUTE!!

Credit : bigbangkorean.wordpress,

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