GD’s Europe vacation might end sooner than expected?

G-Dragon Back to Korea This Weekend at the Earliest, Doing Well in Europe
Big Bang’s G-Dragon (Real Name Kwon JiYong), who left to vacation in Europe recently, is enjoying the vacation to the fullest and having a happy time.

YG Entertainment said in a phone call with Newsen on the 7th, “Starting from the UK and going around Europe, G-Dragon is taking a break. We have received word that he is doing very well. We have not set a precise date for him to come back to Korea, but at the earliest, he could comeback this weekend.”

G-Dragon left for Europe a while ago. Yang Hyun Seok has recently revealed through the official homepage that G-Dragon had spent day-to-day being busy after Big Bang’s debut, and as a result of that, his mind was worn out, and the solo album which was projected to be in April was postponed. Yang was also worried because G-Dragon had symptoms that were similar to depression indicating that he was in a sort of slump.

However, YG Entertainment said, “He was back to his normal self before he went to Europe,” and “Although he may be somewhat fatigued, his mind and body has gotten better.”

On the internet, a picture of G-Dragon having a joyful time in Europe attracted a lot of attention.
Also, YG Entertainment asserts that “G-Dragon is keeping up his good condition to the point that fans will not have to worry,” and “In the future as well, we ask for lots of encouragement.”


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