Big Bang’s 2009 NII Summer Collection Photoshoot

I had this thing on so loud, Tabi rapping to ‘Wonderful’ scared the crap out of me when I first saw it, then I saw him and his lip pouting self… AWW… how freaking adorable can he be?? Then I spot Bae playing baseball with Baby.. aww… if you haven’t notice lately (or ever since mid-January) Baby gotten buff, his upper power strength have gotten a lot more stronger now. Maybe Bae helped him with his excercise and stuff, these two does look a lot more closer now.

DANG!!!!!! These boys… just every shot, every pose, every mose, every freaking frame… they just look delicious… I wanna be in the box… badly haha and of course, Bong would be the one who fit in the tiny box.

TA-RI!!!!! DId ya see it?? and also Bae-Ri too~… oh……. my man is getting popular.

OMG!! THe props are so freaking cute!!! They know how to be hot then they know how to be cute…. = dead fangirls.



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