Big Bang’s Coming Back to Japan?

With all the debuts and comebacks from various groups in the K-pop world, it isn't surprising that Japan will also be joining in with the frenzy! With two singles under their belt, rumors are that the fellas of Big Bang are set to make a comeback in Japan with their third single titled, Let Me Hear Your Voice (Koe Wo Kikasete), on November 4th, 2009. If you remember, Big Bang did not promote their previous single, Gara Gara Go!!, due to Daesung's injuries and pushed promotions until the end of the year.

Let Me Hear Your Voice is rumored to be the opening theme song for the upcoming Japanese drama, Ohitorisama (One Person). There have been conflicting reports that the title song for the drama is Am I Fallin' in Love? by Kitaguchi Kazusa. Big Bang's upcoming track is a love song that relates to the romantic comedy drama, which is about a female teacher who builds a relationship with a temporary male teacher 10 years younger than her. The song is composed by none other than 1TYM's Teddy Park and I'm sure he won't disappoint, especially after hearing Taeyang's new single. The drama is set to air on October 16th at 10 PM (Japan time) on TBS.

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