Daesung will comeback!

It's been a long time comming, but i'm here now! to give a new information. This time the information comes from our 'GOOD SMILE' member from Big Bang, he is Daesung.
After his long break due to his operation from his car accident on 11th Agust. Daesung will make his comeback on SBS Family Outing.

On interview, the PD of SBS Family Outing said,"Daesung will be participating in the 21 - 22nd September recording of Family Outing in Jeju Island." As you know magnae of Big Bang, seungri was replace Daesung on late episode of Family Outing.

But, Daesung can't appear on Asian Song Festival with his group, Big Bang. Just 4 member will perform on that show.


I hope he will perform with Big Bang soon. And Give us his Powerfull Voice with Charming Smile. Daesungie...We all VIP miss you...^^

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