2NE1 on Sudden Attack???

Annyeong...i'm really happy cause i can post something now. But, i hate my internet network. Now, it always EROR! So, i want to finish my posting fast as usual.

Now, i have an information from 2NE1. Do you know Sudden Attack?? Maybe some of have known that. This is a game. Before i have a information about Big Bang which become a characters of this game. Now, 2NE1 will be the next characters for Sudden Attack. Wow! that's WONDERFUL!

Official Yoon Jang Yeol from GAMEHI - the service provider of Sudden Attack - revealed through CJ Internet on the 15th, 'We will be adding 2NE1 characters to Sudden Attack. 2NE1 will join Rain and Big Bang as the third celebrity characters in game. GAMEHI has specially inserted real voices of 2NE1 members, and are also allowing gamers to select the group's song 'Pretty Boy' as their background music in the game lobby.'

He also stated, "We are expecting good responses from the new addition of characters of popular group 2NE1 as there are many male users in Sudden Attack."

cre: allkpop , YouTube

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