Random New's : Swine Flu, SHINee, Park Bom, Big Bang, G Dragon, f(x), & Super Junior - M

Hi long time no see! I have many kind of news. Maybe you all already know the news, but no problem. I just want to share it with you all.

Swine Flu:
Maybe you all have known that Jonghyun[SHINee] was got swine flu, but he already full recovered. He was diagnosed by two weeks ago. All fans got shocked. Me too. When, i read the article, i think about SHINee's Ring Ding Dong promotion. I think they will promote it with 4 member only. But, Yseung[Super Junior] like to help his junior to promote that song. So he had sing all Jonghyun's part. I really like their performance with Yesung.

Ring Ding Dong [SHINee ft. Yesung]

Even tough their just perform with 4 member and Yesung, SHINee's Ring Ding Dong can beat the other artist on k-chart. When Jonghyun was full recovered, some fans are very happy. They start think, that SHINee can perform with all 5 members. But, on November 7th, Onew was diagnosed of swine flu. Really shocked! Onew was diagnosed after he got a fever. Poor him. The other member, Taemin, Key, & Minho had test and they are not infected. Nice to hear. Until now, Onew still treat and resting. Hope he will get well soon.

SHINee still promote Ring Ding Dong, with 4 member. But, they are have to thank's to their senior. Once again, their senior help them to promote the song. At the time the perform Ring Ding Dong with Super Junior's leader, Leeteuk.

Ring Ding Dong [SHINee ft. Leeteuk]

And all you have known they won the Mutizen. Congratulation to SHINee...! f(x) also dance to Ring Ding Dong in the encore. How nice is it??

Park Bom Solo:
One of 2NE1 member had a new solo single, she is Park Bom. After Sandara, now it's Bom turn. She released her solo single with title 'You and I'.

You and I [Park Bom] MV

You and I [Park Bom] Performance

Big Bang:
Now i have an information about my FAVORITE GROUP, Big Bang. Long time i'm not post any news about Big Bang. Because of their solo activities and Daesung recovered. Happy to see they back with new single, but still on Japan. They are not have any activities on Korea as a group. They still busy with solo activities. GD and Taeyang still busy promoting their new album. GD had release 4 MV from his album, they are Heartbreaker, Breathe, Butterfly, and the last A Boy. I think YG support GD solo album. He also prepare his Solo Concert and the ticket has SOLD OUT!. Taeyang already released 'Where u At' MV and still prepare for 'Wedding Dress' MV. TOP and Seungri still busy with their drama activities. TOP still with 'Iris'. Big Bang also released OST. of 'Iris' with title 'Hallelujah'. Seungri have a drama with TOP, with title '19'. Daesung i don't really know about him, but maybe he is prepare his solo album too.

Big Bang new single on Japan is 'Let me hear your voice[Koe wo kikasete]'. They already released the MV. That song is the third single on Japan and also OST. of Japan drama, Ohitorisama. They also released 'Ora yeah!'. They have been perform that song.

Big Bang [Let me hear your voice] Performance

Still waiting with their Korea album....^^

A Boy [G dragon] MV

It's girl group time. I have some news from SM ent. Rookie girl group, f(x). f(x) has release their new album with title Chu~. Chu~ is f(x) new single too. They already released the MV of the song. They have perform that song from 6th-8th November. But, they can't beat their senior SHINee.

Chu~ [f(x)] MV

Chu~ [f(x)] Performance

Super Junior - M

I'm just give you their new single, Blue Tomorrow.

Blue Tomorrow [Super Junior - M] MV

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