Super Junior M Super Girl Teaser

there's a miracle so i can post something in this blog again^^.

Now, the posting are about Super Junior M. You all have known due to SUper Junior comeback on this month. Of Course if they will comeback they already have a single. And maybe you all (who are fans of Super Junior) already know about they new single, SuperGirl.
Actually, i just give you the teaser. It's not realease yet.
everything was change in this MV. You can see all of the member have a new own hairstyle. Maybe the clothes not really change, because the clothes are similiar with SORRY SORRY clothes.

at first time i saw this video, i can't recognize Zhoumi. His Style is very similiar with Eunhyuk! hahaha....^^ But, Zhoumi have a greatfull height. Donghae looks very short, because of his clothes. Hope they will realease it soon.

vid: YouTube

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