2NE1 are not allowed to have a boyfriend for 5 years?

Earlier today, Popular girl group 2NE1 appeared on the Variety show Strong Heart. During a talking segment of the show, the subject of the founder of YG Entertainment, Yang Hyun Suk (YG) came up.

During this segment, leader CL declared that the "YG is too strict," that they aren't allowed to have a boyfriend for 5 years because that's what YG demanded verbally in their contract. MC Kang Do Hong replied with, "Then that means Sandara Park can't have a boyfriend until she's 31?" CL responded with, "Well, there might be a way around it. If the guy goes through YG's physical & health examination test."

Epik High front man Tablo responded jokingly to all this saying, "My fiancé is a YG Entertainment artist so does that mean I have need to pass this health examination too?" The other girls of 2NE1 said they bickered with YG over this and eventually got the years reduced from 5 to 3. CL responded with, "it'll give the unni's some hope."

Sandara Park said she found host MC Lee Seung Gi attractive, while Park Bom said her ideal type is Brian from Fly 2 The Sky. Minji & Brian does an erotic dance, CL sings with Insooni, 2NE1 performs with Boom, Minji dances with Seung Gi, and more, check out the 2NE1 cuts below...

Enjoy it!

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