Kid Rapper B.I "I met G-Dragon, the person i want to look like"

Very soon,,, within in 10 minutes i have new information.

Maybe you all have known this news before. But i want to share and disccuss it again for you who didn't know about it.

Kid rapper B.I (real name Kim Han Bin) revealed a picture of himself with G-Dragon.

On August 30th at 8:04 pm, B.I uploaded a picture titled ‘With G-Dragon Hyung’ on his Cyworld

Minihompy. He and G-Dragon both

held ‘V-signs’ (peace signs) in the picture.

In his first year in Junior High, B.I is the kid rapper promoting alongside MC Mong with the song ‘Indian Boy’. B.I is grabbing a lot of attention for his adorable appearance and his mature rapping.

On August 7th on KBS 2TV’s ‘Yoo Heeyeol’s Sketchbook’, B.I expressed, “I want my lifestyle to be like Mong hyung’s and my face to look like G-Dragon’s”.

On that same day, MC Mong said, “When I look at B.I, I feel like I’m looking at the young G-Dragon.”


*very lucky boy... i want to take picture with GD too....*_* but i like this kid, HE REALLY LOOK LIKE GD!!!

see you soon....^^


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