GD's me2DAY photo update!

Annyong...............^^sorry 4 a long time update.

Now, i want to share a GD's photo that i found on his me2DAY. I really like this photo. GD's was with his dog[cute Buldog...^^]. Maybe at that time he was sleeping and take the photo. I don't know who was take the photo. Is it a 'selfcamera' photo???
If it's true... awh he was very narcissism person. hahaha^^
And he still with his 'blonde hair'.

He write oh the top of this photo...
살며시내침대로와∼∼♬ 근데난베게가아냐..휴
[Gently into my bed and pillow, but I'm not ~ ~ .. Whew]

I'll be back with new information soon...Bye^^XD

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