Update BIG BANG Picture in Japan!!

I know we all miss the boys, everyone wants the boys to do a comeback, but that’s not gonna happen anytime soon, at least not in Korea. But, you should know that Big Bang’s book ‘Shouting to the World’ is being made into a musical, and our two musical stars, Dae and Baby will be in it. And just like what you see in the last stack of stalker pics, the 4 matured boys are doing another HITE beer CF, and an incident happened at the shooting scene, not sure what it is, but it sure had the Tabi and Bong went ‘OOOH!’ and Dae was cracking up some jokes with Bae too, so freaking cute…….. well where is my Baby???? He was spotted with Bong and Tabi in Japan, wearing some sexy shades. I love Bong’s outfits in these pictures. AH~

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