Big Bang’s Avalanche of Cafe Latte Photos

If you don't like Big Bang, at least in the eye candy department, I don't really see why you clicked on this article. That back button should look mighty tempting now.

Everyone else, prepare for a Big Bang photo bonanza, as they did a massive photoshoot for their Cafe Latte CF/MV. I was looking back in the allkpop archives so I could link to the article about the actual Cafe Latte CF (released around two weeks ago), but was shocked to find that we only did one about the teaser. My bad, VIPs, I should have been all over that. Anyway, here's the CF/MV.

Typical catchy Big Bang CF/MV, with T.O.P. being hot and stuff. How about that screaming montage at the end though?

But anyway, on to the main point of this article: the humongous photoshoot they did for the CF above. Now, the entire photoshoot has over one hundred photos, so I narrowed it down to "only" sixty or so to save myself some uploading time. Apologies for the selfishness. All credit for the manifold pics go to 모네모네@bbvipz and shinhdeplol.

Dae Sung

Seung Ri

G Dragon


Tae Yang

There. Now after you're done hyperventilating, VIPs, go make some cool wallpapers. Taeyang only appears in a single get-up & background, which is slightly disappointing, but understandable, since he's probably busy with his solo comeback:
I'm definitely coming soon. Not really. I just couldn't resist making that joke, despite my male gender and heterosexual orientation. Mhmm.
Credit : allkpop

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