06.07.09 SBS Inkigayo : 2NE1 - Fire & Super Junior - It's You (Win#1) Performance

I love this performance and i dunno why.

And it’s good to know that Kwon Ji Yong is kind enough to share (or should i say “lent”) his accessories with Sandara as well as being a good sunbae by giving them some advice about music and fashion!

If it was me, what’s a better advice than saying ” No genre, just Music”? It works wonders!! Same goes to fashion. Regardless how awful the fashion turns out, you will still make a statement ( you gotta have guts and be blunt about it) and people will definitely follow you, without question asked. Mismatch is the new trend! Thanks to WHO?

On a side note, 2NE1 will be releasing their First Offline Mini Album in July and is said to have 6 songs included. Prior to their digital single “Fire” released in May, YG mentioned that they girls will come back with a different look and feel, twice the charm with feminine touch.


Anyway, I like super junior performance and i can't STOP look at EunHyuk!!

I always like his performance!!


(BUT I STILL LIKE BIG BANG!!!!!! Especialy GD!!!)


Credit : BBFansit, Youtube

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