Girls’ Generation’s New Song Revealed!!

Girls' Generation's photo of their new concept was released recently, and it stirred up a storm of commotions in the world of Kpop. Continuing the hype, the song title for their next single was finally revealed to be "Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)", and it will be an up beat dance song. The song was produced by the talents of Yoo Youngjin, Yoo Hanjin and Dsign Music. They plan on revealing the teaser on the 19th and the full song digitally on the 22nd on music sites such as Melon, Cyworld and Doshirak. The full 2nd mini-album will be released on June 25th.
Girls' Generation sure knows how to tease. How are they going to release a ridiculously hot picture of the girls wearing sailor outfits, and then ask me to tell them my wish. I mean, it's pretty obvious what my wish is. To be a millionaire.
If that song title release still didn't tickle your curiosity, then here are some rumored photos from the sets of their new Music Video

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