T.O.P Released his New Single, Turn It Up

Hmmm, yesterday T.O.P finally released his new single, titled Turn It Up!
Maybe you have see the MV, but for you who haven't see it yet...

Check this!

You know i love the concept! BLACK&WHITE! T.O.P look so cool and elegant. As you can see on his clothes. I think he is the second person who has Fashion sense on Big Bang after G-Dragon. Around 1:50(video duration), if you listen carefully to the lyric you can find some Branded Fashion title. And there's a COOL CAR! I think it's a Carrera GT. But, maybe you can try to look up to the car for make it sure...~! OHMGD! I can't believe it.

PS: the lyric and Screen cap will be post soon!

Credit: YouTube(YGent. Channel)

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