Taeyang “Tell Me Goodbye was originally my solo song…I’m still mad”

SOL: This song here, “Tell Me Goodbye” was originally prepared to be my solo song (tear). But then the members all heard the song and said “This is really good! Let this be a Big Bang song♪” Although I had already finished recording the lyrics, eventually we recorded it one more time with Big Bang. So my song was left in peace like that, nevertheless I still feel sorry/dissapointed that it didn’t become my song, I really yearn for it (laughs). I too have grown up into an adult (laughs). No, but of course its become a great song that I’m glad all the members can share. But I’m still a little…mad (taeyang + all members laugh). ^^

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Poor Taeyang. Actually, you have to be happy Taeyang, it's because your own group that sing the song. How about the other?? You have to Happy Taeyang! And we still waiting for your next album...~!

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