Cover Dance By F2AM

Hello. hahaha, sorry for been so long[AGAIN?] :P
I'm sorry because i can't post anything. School activity, everyone know it.

This time I want to introduce my dance group XD, named F2AM. We are a group from Manado, North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Actually, we are still cover some Kpop dance. But, a few month ago i post some perform of my group on DBL Manado.

F2AM is consist by 4 teenagers, 3 girls and one boy.

Firstly i want to introduce Trifena. We called her Fena. She is a Chinese girl. She really love drawing, keep online[like a netizen, haha :D], and also dancing. She is a Rebana dancer on her Church. It's her job! ahahaha... :P She also a smart girl and she is a BIG Fan of Lee Seung Hyun/Seungri.

The Next is Trifosa. She is Trifena nonidentical twin. We called her Fosa. She almost similiar with her sister about hobby, but not the Physical look. She is the one who has a GOOD Voice of our group. ^^ Hmm, she is a BIG Fan of Kwon Jiyong/G dragon, same as me! :D and SNSD's Im Yoona.
The third member is me! hahaha^^ Maybe you all have known my name, but i will say it for the Hundred time. My name is Leonie. On my group or maybe everyone called me Onie. hahaha, is it weird? Not for me. Actually, i'm THE ONLY girl who has short haircut. hahahaha! They also said that i'm a tomboy girl. My hobby.... to many! LOL :P Hmm, i'm a BIG Fan of BIG BANG's Kwon Jiyong and Super Junior's Lee Hyukjae. XD
The last is our maknae~! Timothy. He is the ONLY boy on our group. But, he never complain. He is FASHIONISTA BOY. He really love Fashion. He is THE BEST DANCER of our group. You have to see his Move~! hmm, He is a BIG Fan of Namie Amuro and T-ARA's Jiyeon.

Our group was born when our teacher choose us to be in one Dance Group. Hmmm, around September or maybe oktober we finally find a GOOD name for our group. F2AM is taken from our name. Specificly, our Initial name. 'F2' is Fena & Fosa. We put '2' after 'F' so it considered as Fena and Fosa. 'A' is taken from my middle name Angela. 'M' is taken from Timothy middle name, Michael. hahaha... It's Unique, right?
Here's our Performance... Check it out!

Credit: Author, YouTube.

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