Kpop On MTV Chart

After being busy, now I will post any article as much as I can. Because from now on I'm being an author for 3 blog! What an amazing fact? hahaha :D I have two blog on blogspot now and join DATEforSuju blog on wordpress. I will try to work hard!!!

Back to topic! A few hour ago, i was surfing the Internet. Searching some new Video, Music, Picture, and etc. When i entered the MTV Chart site, I found any kind of music. But, over all it's filled with Western Music. But, when i click the 'Top Rated' button and scrolled down the page, I was found some interesting thing! There's a Big Bang Video, Lollipop part 2. I scrolled it down
more and I found the Wondergirls and 2PM. Also Gdragon and Taeyang! How surprise is it??

Check the photo bellow...
What do you think about Kpop....?

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